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UnCategorized A few years ago, Puerto Vallarta was quite different from the one we see now. There were very few Americans who were interested in Puerto Vallarta properties for sale. The real estate scenario was also not very encouraging. But today, it seems as if the Americans are all set to outnumber the local Mexicans. Drawn by the scenic wonders of the place, the Americans have made PV their home and are in fact, loath to go back across the border. But what is it that has drawn so many Americans to make PV their home? And why do those who go back never fail to return here the next year again? In fact, there are many factors which excite the Americans in PV. Climate: This is perhaps the most important aspect why Americans love staying in PV. There are seven months of good weather which really makes people opt for condo for sale in Puerto Vallarta. Scenery: The Banderas Bay attracts people with really fabulous beaches, and rocky cliffs on the bay side. The wildlife and the flora and fauna make the place akin to Paradise. Safety: PV is probably one of the safest cities in the world. The Americans can stay here without being troubled by thoughts of burglaries and robberies. Guns are almost unheard of here and the tourists can literally laze around on the beaches without being afraid of terrorists spoiling the beautiful scenery. Hospitable: Studies conducted from time to time have always pointed out PV as the friendliest resorts in the world. The locals are very friendly and go out of their way to make the stay of the tourists a memorable one. Clean Food and Water: In the last few years there has been a boom in the real estate scenario. With more and more people loving to stay in a house for sale in Puerto Vallarta, there has been great development in the road system, power generation and distribution and also in sanitation and water treatment systems. Food and water available are free from germs and comparable to the standards provided in the US. Cleanliness is the lookout of most of the people involved in this business. Medical Care: The medical facilities are very good and there are hospitals and clinics to cater to the people in times of emergencies. They are even capable of performing intricate surgeries. Dentistry is a very renowned profession here and the doctors and dentists are mostly trained in the US. Hence communicating in English is not a problem. Friendly atmosphere: With fellow Americans galore, it is easy for the tourists to make friends here. Everyone is in a jovial mood and not cowering under pressures of the office. Language: With tourism being the main industry here, most of the people in PV can speak English. It is easy to deal while buying Puerto Vallarta properties for sale. Learning Spanish is not important for the Americans to stay in PV. Travel Time: It is very easy to drive down to PV. The roads are wide and you can drive in the modern highways. The good quality roads enable the Americans to drive down easily from across the border. Connectivity: Internet service is at par with any other civilized city in the world. You can connect to any place in the world and even continue to do your office work while sitting in the privacy of the available condo for sale in Puerto Vallarta. Investment: The past ten years have proved very constructive for the real estate market. The Puerto Vallarta properties for sale have skyrocketed and have really boosted the economy of the place. With so many factors favoring the Americans, it is no wonder that most of them see PV as a retirement option. It certainly makes them feel better, if not younger. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: