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Tianjin overseas Fair opened in 48 countries and regions overseas guests – Beijing, China News Agency, Tianjin, August 26 (Liu Jiayu Zhou Xinai) with "innovation, deepen cooperation and sharing development" as the theme of the eighth session of China? Tianjin overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship Development Fair (referred to as the "overseas fair"), 26 opened in Tianjin, 48 countries and regions including "The Belt and Road along the country, more than 800 overseas Chinese and the chaoshang. The "overseas fair" jointly sponsored by the Tianjin Municipal People’s government, the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Chinese. During the meeting, will be held in the "2016 Tianjin world? Chamber of Commerce Trade Fair (referred to as" Qiao Bo ")" the ninth annual meeting of the International Youth Fellowship tide "" green tide "summit" tide Tianjin Youth hit off forum "and" cooperation matchmaking, through the forum, policy promotion, exhibition, cultural exchange visits and other activities, deepen the overseas Chinese and progenitor (membership) exchanges and cooperation in China, the introduction of innovative talents and projects, boosting Tianjin’s participation in the "The Belt and Road construction. As one of the "overseas fair", the 4 days of "overseas Expo", exhibition area of 30 thousand square meters, set up 800 booths. 550 overseas Chinese enterprises from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Holland, Australia, Canada and other countries and regions, with nearly 16 thousand kinds of specialty products debut, more than 50 professional buyers matchmaking. In addition, the overseas Expo will also set up overseas Dream Garden Exhibition and science and technology exhibition, focusing on the promotion of overseas Chinese in Beijing, Tianjin and Tianjin overseas dream garden, the scientific and technological innovation. Chen Jingwei, vice chairman of the National Federation of industry and commerce, Hongkong chamber of Commerce in China, said here, at present, Tianjin is facing the country’s five major strategic superposition of historical opportunities, the development of vast space, great potential. The Tianjin participants to find more opportunities for the development of Beijing, Tianjin and collaborative development. (end)相关的主题文章: