Burma Government people and government forces exchanged fire 1 dead and 6 injured 索尼a350

The government of Burma: ethnic militias fighting with government forces 1 dead and 6 injured – Sohu Xinhua news agency in Yangon in November 20, 20 days, the Burma government issued a circular that the army and the police outpost near Burma Shan area and serving as a sister Muse 105 yards of trade area was local ethnic armed forces day (people to attack, causing Wu) the local people 1 dead 6 injured. However, according to local media, the two sides exchanged fire killed at least 10 people were injured. Local officials said an unnamed fire, probably from the local time at around 2 am, attack by the Kachin Independence Army and a few pieces of local ethnic armed forces jointly launched. He confirmed that the dead included soldiers, police, local residents and tourists. The official also said that as of noon local time, the fighting is not over yet. He suggested that residents do not enter the vicinity of 105 yards yards yards, so as not to endanger safety. He also confirmed that there are a large number of trade area residents fled to the town. The Muse 105 yards trade district government officials and local people said, leading to the trade area of the South Bridge by the explosion damaged arteries, resulting in a number of truck and bus congestion in the trade area. In addition, trade zone officials denied that the military or police station was occupied by the people. But some local residents said that the people of the land to see the people into the trade zone. Wuhan people claimed that the number of armed attack coordination to the Burmese military stronghold in mongkoe, great game, Peng line and muse 105 trade area code. Due to the lack of power in these areas, and the assistance line was cut off by the people of the land, the people of the land occupied a number of strongholds. Since this year, Burma armed ethnic Kachin Independence Army and government forces had exchanged fire several times, the recent trend has intensified the conflict.相关的主题文章: