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British Prime Minister: Reform of school   build more grammar school education — original title: British Prime Minister: the school reform and build more grammar schools according to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported on September 8th, British Prime Minister Teresa? May propose changes to the British school, and the establishment of a "more grammar school" (grammer schools), while extending the existing elite school, let the students have more choices. Teresa? Mei said that she wanted to create a "elite element" of the "twenty-first Century education system", can take care of all the children of different needs, do not let the best public school resources are the students to buy exclusive wealthy families. According to reports, Teresa Mei attached great importance to grammar school. Cameron had promised to set up 500 "" (free schools) before he left office, and Mr Teresa suggested that some of the schools should be converted to grammar schools. Teresa? Cameron Mei pointed out that through the efforts of the government, now has 1 million 400 thousand children in high school, but she thought that it was a lack of opportunity, there are still too many children can receive high quality education. British Defense Secretary Fallon said the proposal aims to provide high quality education opportunities in every place in the United kingdom. Fallon said: "we need to provide a wider choice of. The proposal will provide students with high quality education opportunities throughout the country. Not every child is suitable for a purely academic education at a grammar school, so it is important to build more high-quality schools with different focus of attention for students to choose from." (internship compilation: Jiang Yufei reviewer: Tan Liya (Xiong Xu), commissioning editor: Hao Mengjia)相关的主题文章: