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"Wang Fanrui" difficult about the ideals and love Wang Xiaobao Wang Fanrui Wang Fan on the ideal and love Ruixin album Sina entertainment news on November 25th, singer Wang Fanrui bring new album "mountains" held a press conference in Beijing, and live concert "," Mr. Gulou three songs etc.. Wang Fanrui stressed that time is the creation of their own factors will be considered, ideal and love, he has been eager to express the content. The album combines his familiar folk and rock style with a tribute to Wang Xiaobao’s love". Conference site, Wang Fanrui to a song "Drum Tower" opening, then brought the new song "100KM" and the classic song "youth". Ten years ago, Wang Fanrui was the first solo album "Youth", is now back to the old club, and the upcoming fourth album "mountains". Wang Fanrui also said in an interview, people seem to be more willing to talk about money and desire, more than ideal and love. But he believes that the person’s life, the most should not is the lack of the latter two, he wants to go through this album about the "ideal love and open and aboveboard". This album, produced from conception to songwriter arranger programming, by Wang Fanrui independently. He also admitted that his ideal love is "Wang Xiaobao", so in the song, Wang Fanrui and MS. Li Yinhe to communicate, after permission, it will be the two year of love album extract. It is reported that the album will be launched at the end of the month. Wang Fanrui will also go to Xi’an in December 3rd to start the national tour, then, more tour will continue to Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places. (Nanyin Wen Chen Xiwen) (commissioning editor: Daihatsu)相关的主题文章: