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As a kind of disease, you have been regarded as hopeless. public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! This article from the WeChat public number of career women, some people say, do is a woman’s nature." Three is in a complete mess Power sister said not to regard it as right. Who said that? Dare to stand up? P sister I never do! Unexpectedly always gentle, modest and courteous Power brother-in-law threw a sentence, "why can’t you do? When I chased you almost didn’t want you to die!" "You don’t remember? Half an hour before WeChat didn’t get back to you, you just call me and scold to the old female students pour dog’s blood on, eat a meal together, you will cry for the winter break, take you to the dinner you dawdle two hours down……" "Work" is a woman’s nature P sister busy interrupted the endless P brother-in-law, "I have so bad?" P brother-in-law threw a complex look, let P sister experience. P sister opened the memory rewind mode, infinite bitter memories come to mind…… (omitted 10000000 words) but speaking "for this, zebra bestie sister P’s sister P with some fight. Listen to how she was dead. 1 love is how to be dead, never what commendatory terms. Many articles are talking about love, how are the dead. As a former "do not seek death will die" star people, suddenly want to talk, my love is how to live. I and the old fool together for ten years, the number of quarrel with ten fingers can count, for my heart is bigger than the camel’s people, almost what is not a thing. He accidentally broke something, I would say so, I just want to buy a new job; he is not happy, I am afraid what Xipixiaolian said, can not do I support you. A male friend complained to me that the other half too for himself: she wants to be like you so show common good! I told you: I do not know when you do! People do not die in vain young. I was in childhood did not cultivate a sense of security, and sensitive parents have been born as a boy, do not be scolded, not sad tears, so I don’t believe in love. We are just talking about love, love that moment, really is not fancy, a little things will rise to "you don’t love me" level, always feel not parted, anyway no what love can go to the end. At that time, he was born to be a princess. For example, I know not fancy but can not change to trouble him in the dormitory, one of the most dramatic, I just watched a movie at the beginning he came, because not put the story, I have finished the whole movie to go. For example, at that time we have a bike, a word I will get off and go back, ignore him, do not give him the opportunity to explain, he has been behind me, kept saying sorry. Like the time he promised to listen to a song that I recommend songs but I didn’t listen to, in a rage he pulled the black. Like mine again相关的主题文章: