Eat a bowl of porridge teeth due to cracking woman to store more than 6700 yuan claims 若槻ゆうか

Eat a bowl of porridge teeth due to cracking to the store claims more than 6700 yuan women eat a bowl of rice pudding teeth due to cracking of women to the store claims more than 6700 yuan of contemporary life daily news (reporter correspondent Wang Si Zhang Haizhi) Ms. Liang nearly fifty years of love to his home near the cottage shop to drink porridge Yi ping. Started in September last year, Ms. Liang almost every night to go to the shop to drink porridge. One day, in the store when drink porridge, Ms. Liang because bite to the foreign body, and cause the teeth to crack. Their teeth are damaged, Ms. Liang believes that a herbal tea shop should bear full responsibility. Unexpectedly, the store in the treatment of teeth found that she spent more than 4900 yuan, not willing to bear responsibility. Ms. Liang ordered herbal tea shop and store together to court, claims 6700 yuan. November 17th, Nanning Jiangnan district court hearing the case. Ms. Liang said, in November 5th last year, around midnight, she in the store when supper drink porridge. On the bench outside the store, Ms. Liang and female friends while chatting to drink porridge, unexpectedly, unknown hard this bowl of rice pudding, causing Ms. Liang while chewing, the teeth immediately cracking, pain. She found the shop responsible person Liu, Liu helped her take photos and videos, and the first time to tell the store for Lee tea. Liang said Lee said she can go to the hospital to check their own treatment and repair teeth, get back after the receipt of the bill, they will be reimbursed. But a month later, the end of her treatment, she found that tooth repair costs amounted to 4900 yuan, Lee changed, only willing to pay 1000 yuan. Ms. Liang said, a month to treat her teeth, very painful, can only drink rice congee. See their losses not compensated for Ms. Liang Yi will only store and store together cottage Pingxi court. Ms. Liang said 6700 yuan loss, in addition to medical expenses and mental damages and lost income. For Ms. Liang said, recalling the cottage Pingxi shop responsible person Liu not agree. He did not think Leung teeth is to drink the shop treasure of the cracking caused by the hard object, because there is no exact evidence that Ms. Liang’s porridge caused her damaged teeth. May also be a problem before her teeth, when they are willing to pay, because Ms. Liang is an old customer, only willing to compensate for humanitarian. After a rebuttal of the two sides, Liu said Ms. Liang treatment of dental expenses, he was willing to bear the cost of 1000 yuan -2000 yuan. Because of the differences between the two sides is too large, the judge announced the sentencing date.相关的主题文章: