Guan Ling recalled I love my home fun is still called Song Dandan mother – in the new network 驯龙高手dm456

Guan Ling recalled: "I love my home" fun is still called Song Dandan "mother" – Beijing for the audience, "I love my home" is always on the screen for a classic, starred in the drama "Jia Yuanyuan" Guan Ling is always unforgettable memories. Guan Ling in Anhui TV’s "Tonight Show" in amazing star said, so far, still hanging "I love my home" photo of the actors and crew gave their children’s Day gift, and said to now see Song Dandan will call it "mother", while Song Dandan has been treated as a daughter Ling checks that was quite concerned about Guan Ling’s body, "she said every time I see, recently there is no serious weight loss, there is no night still hungry can’t sleep sleep?" Once on the screen mischievous Jia Yuanyuan, now has become a pair of sons and daughters of the mother. The Guan Ling to the identity of the mother as guests came to the scene, hope is home, love a pair of children to create real childlike children. Two clever children mentioned in the house, Guan Ling said his mother is very love this identity for your child, "that dependence, for your kind of love is unspeakable." Guan Ling in order to let the children feel the love, also took the child’s hand works at home in an important position, "said this will make them feel that their work is valued, and his works are meaningful". (Xie Nan)相关的主题文章: