Baoan police arrest woman while women express receipt surprisingly quiet (video) 下北glory days

Baoan police arrest woman while women express receipt surprisingly quiet (correspondent Xie Xiaowen) October 23rd, Shenzhen City, Baoan airport seized a strange parcel, parcel of suspected possession of drugs. Baoan police rushed to the scene to see, there is 91 old NOKIA mobile phone charger, charger each hidden all drug methamphetamine. The police found in the case of drug trafficking during the two brothers even with the same means, through women’s blandishments cheat heart, help the "delivery", "delivery"…… Package clip poison 1 kilograms more carefully judged the plan on the same day, Baoan Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade, police brigade received a parcel of the airport seized clues, immediately on the joint task force composed of Sichuan police station rushed to the airport branch. A meeting, police investigators began to discuss the case. Then open the package to verify the specific number of drugs. After the dismantling of one charger, separation of hidden objects, weighing, hiding 91 chargers in the parcel carrying 1.045 kilograms of methamphetamine drugs amounted to. Subsequently, the police task force carefully to parcel sender and recipient and phone number of clues for study analysis, finally agreed to take out the arrest program: police act as express little brother, take the parcel seized, rushed to the email address: Hebei Zhangjiakou City, to the "delivery" to suspect! Police posing as express little brother travel to Hebei clever catch drug traffickers good contact in advance to the Hebei police and the courier company, completing relevant procedures, the second day early in the morning, the police task force will start on the plane. After thousands of miles and twists and turns, the police finally arrived at the location of Hebei logistics company. Under the support and cooperation of the local police, the task force to carefully study the next step of the arrest, to develop a number of programs. Considering the safety of persons and goods, the police decided to send, in accordance with the original logistics time, waiting for the suspect to "pick up". On the same day at 18 PM, the suspect to the party, a woman appeared in the sight of the police ambush. When a woman is signed receipt, Dunshou side of the police immediately, the woman arrested. However, unlike other arrests scene, the suspect was arrested when unusually calm, did not resist. Police followed by its first instance, a detailed understanding of the truth. The consignee is pull behind when the drug was arrested in the interrogation for police, the consignee housing certain (female, 43 years old, Hebei Zhangjiakou people) calm as water, she said, the day finally came. A few years ago, her husband died because of drug abuse, and left her with her young son, her life was in dire straits. Later on the Internet, she met Chen Moumou (male, 27 years old, Guangdong Shantou people), during the period of Chen has been concerned with her, and she also came to Hubei from Shantou to live together, to help her out of the predicament of life, for her emotional emptiness. Finally, she found that Moumou is to facilitate the drug, drug trafficking was close to her. Fang Moumou, Chen Moumou repeatedly instructed her to use her identity, cell phone number received from the field to send drugs to avoid the police traced. According to a certain room provided clues, the police task force immediately went to Hebei Province, Zhangjiakou high tech Zone of a district of a room, will be enjoying the pleasure too by drugs相关的主题文章: