Wang Yuan 16 years old birthday becomes double fold What happened in the end! Speed to onlookers! 步步高i606

Wang Yuan 16 years old birthday becomes double fold? What happened in the end! Speed to onlookers! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Why? Wang Yuan baby turned into double fold?! The good news is to share the guys here can not only change Wang Yuan’s eyes this point oh, his facial lines become more clear, more and more handsome profile. It was transformed from a small boy has gradually become a new generation of male gods around. Anyway, the source treasure has been that kind of hours after a fierce look like Sepet double down why suddenly turned into a double? There are a lot of friends around once said: when a child is a single eyelid, grew up to become a double fold, or when the child is a double, grew up in the outer double. What the hell is this? Director of speculation, generally have the following reasons: this change will produce 1 reasons: eye edema disappeared within two or two beauties have found that, if the second day face and eye edema, eyelid may disappear or edema is not obvious; at night without problems, but is double fold change obviously the. This is because the upper eyelid tissue cells "drink enough water" fat on the eyelids thick, not easy to form a fold. Eyelid thick people have to do a double fold eyelid removal of fat is also the reason, to become thinner eyelids, it is good "seam" fold out of the fold, otherwise it is not natural. The eyelids thin person doesn’t need, make a fold can be directly buried. There is a claim to be able to change the skin of the eye eye essence, rely on this principle, improve eye edema to deepen the eyelid and improve the bags under the eyes. Reason 2: eyelid "thin" some people are fat after hours, grow thin, eyes also become double. This is because the body’s fat cells have shrunk, including the fat layer of the eyelids. The fat layer becomes thinner, the upper eyelid is thin, more easy to form folds ~ of course, with the increase of age, the fat on the eyelids will gradually shrink, the eye will be more deep, eyelid naturally becomes more obvious ~ 3 reasons: stick double fold eyelid eyelids skin tight under the condition of not forming the eyelid folds, so is the single eyelids. Through the use of double eyelid paste or other methods to make the skin loose some, so that the eyelids have folded, you can form a double fold. In addition, posted double fold eyelid can press marks, is conducive to the maintenance of eyelid morphology. Of course, if the upper eyelid is too loose, folding part of the increase, the double fold will be narrowed, this situation is best to do double eyelid surgery to solve, do not trouble, 1 months to restore the natural. : 4 reasons: high brow development with the physical development, human facial bones are in development, has increased the possibility of eye brow, and dark, eyes will widen the dark. The white man’s brow than yellow, yellow eye than deep, so their eyelid is generally wide. Note: the above part of the picture from the Internet users know the director of the release of speculation for so many reasons…… So, what do you think of the source from the inside to the outside?"相关的主题文章: