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Quanzhou issued early warning of geological disasters after the rain do not stay in the high steep slope of Quanzhou evening news agency APP- Quanzhou September 17th news (reporter Wu Zhiming) the typhoon "Meranti" although gone, but a dangerous situation makes the city more soil moisture saturation, City Land Resources Bureau and the Municipal Meteorological Bureau jointly issued after the two meteorological risk level warning geological disasters after 8 pm yesterday again jointly issued a warning of geological disasters of meteorological risk level: the city has heavy rain to heavy rain. The next 24 hours, Dehua, Yongchun, Anxi, Nanan geological disasters have a high level of meteorological risk, the rest of the high level, please do a good job in the prevention of geological disasters. Statistical data from the Municipal Bureau of land and resources, geological environment, as of 2016 flood investigation statistics, the city has a total of 1534 points geological disaster point, high and steep slope in front of the house in 7892, a total of 20 thousand and 690 households in 96 thousand and 800 threatened the life safety of people. The main geological disasters in our city are landslides and landslides, accounting for about 98.6% of the total, and debris flow and ground subsidence account for about 1.4% of the total. Risks of geological disasters in our city are mainly distributed in the northwest, which is Luojiang, northwest Nanan and Anxi, Yongchun, Dehua and other regions, send disaster locations are mainly concentrated in the high and steep slope, Fangqianwuhou low-lying areas, mountains, river, Mizoguchi, low grade road on both sides of the regional. The high incidence of geological disasters in Quanzhou city in 4 and October, according to a preliminary analysis of Quanzhou city in recent years of geological disasters and the relationship between the rainfall, when the rainfall is larger than 50mm, some unstable slope will appear after the real deformation signs, this is a warning period; when the cumulative rainfall reached 100mm, geological disasters began when the cumulative rainfall; at 200mm, the frequency of occurrence of geological disasters has increased significantly. At the same time, the occurrence of geological disasters has obvious lag effect, after 1 to 3 days of rain, landslides, landslides and other geological disasters are more active period. City Land Resources Bureau of geological and environmental experts remind the masses do not exist paralysis thought and luck, that the housing has been living for many years did not collapse, not so unlucky to be touched by their own. Because of the collapse, landslide, debris flow and other geological disasters is a long-term accumulation and the formation of the critical time will occur, and certainly not a half will be formed. Experts suggest that the rain should not in the vicinity of high steep slope rock and stay. Can rock steep slope, prominent local shelter, rest and walk through the concave, not rock climbing. The mountain slope is greater than 45° or, slope shape, concave spur isolated steep slopes, and the slope has obvious cracks are easily generated collapse. People go to the mountain valley outing in the selection, be sure to listen to the local weather forecast, not in the rain, after continuous overcast and rainy days into the mountain valley. (Editor: Lin Yanwan) video: the severe flood disaster this year 7 month over five thousand year flood disaster seriously 7 months over five thousand >相关的主题文章: