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Chinese elements into the sac "we have come to the" highlight the beauty of Oriental women – Entertainment Sohu   Chinese element capsule into the "we have come to the" Sohu entertainment news in 2016 to enter the summer since Friday, the file for viewing into the white hot stage, each big TV have flashed in front of the stars with ACE variety, and exhaust all the skills to show eighteen like Wu Yi, Taiwan is a war without smoke of gunpowder. The ninth episode of "we’re here" on Friday night, Zhang Jike, welcomed the Olympic champion, Sun Yang, this is the end of the Brazil Olympic Games after the mainland variety show. This program ratings continued recording, continue to sit tight in the first viewing. The latest broadcast this period "to the" we came to Dalian, this station has just ushered in the two Olympic Games in Rio from the national hero — Zhang Jike and Sun Yang. Sun Yang out of a variety of sense, a debut on the 8 goddess of the cheers, the two sisters and Carina Lau, in order to sit a little closer to him, staged " palace fighting drama " plot. Let the 8 goddesses is overjoyed, the Rio Olympics China team guy is actually to group, the new table tennis " the " Zhang Jike also surprises airborne, since no jet lag, never sleep " ", with adorable attributes, love interacting with the goddess who. Olympic champions are the most watched Chinese elements. "We have come to the" close high popularity with guests and influence, so that the final star in the big coffee studded Friday nights is distinctive and talent shows itself, consistent style, with only one word to describe the program viewing experience of beauty. "We have called the" star reality show a clear stream, 8 goddess level stars wearing very Oriental charm of the dress comes, sometimes in the Suzhou River and the interpretation of Kunqu Opera, and giant panda love interaction, sometimes with the Chinese clothing designer T station serves…… The image of the guests, the link set, the late packaging, the interpretation of the Chinese elements everywhere, redefining the beauty of Oriental women. "We have come to the" China "elements to choose our Kunqu opera to the" second stations in Suzhou, Suzhou is a historical and cultural city, has a history of nearly 2500, is the cradle of Wu culture. It is worth mentioning that, here is the birthplace of Carina Lau and captain Wang Han. A domineering, elegant screen image, Carina Lau picked up the authentic " whisper of " for the other guests, introduced the Suzhou gardens, small bridges, flowing water, and he reveals to his words deeply. To tender Suzhou known, instantly making Carina Lau turned " soft girl ". Wang Han is said to be born, the whole body and mind are in a state of extreme comfort, as if to return to " maternal ". The Suzhou Railway Station is not only competition aspect and cultural value very down to earth. Including a series of Suzhou traditional folk Handmade competition, such as the DIY lamp, wood, Su Su fan New Year paintings and jade carving. Most impressive,.相关的主题文章: