The fall of the global Exhibition Preview 20 European Museum Exhibition 乃々果花

The fall of Global Exhibition Preview: 20 Miss Europe Museum exhibition summer ended, new art season Yezhen truly arrived. Fast down after the holiday depression, to meet a variety of exhibitions across Europe artnet news editors collected in the fall or the highly anticipated, exciting, or thought-provoking exhibition, but these important institutions often accompanied by exhibition performances and dance performances. 1, "we called Ludwig" (We Call It Ludwig), the Colon Ludwig Museum, August 27, 2016 – January 8, 2017 Ahmet?? ü t, #39; s "Bakunin& Barricade", 20142016. Photograph: Courtesy the artist, Museum Ludwig. Museum Ludwig (Museum Ludwig) of the exhibition to commemorate the 40 anniversary of the opening of the people, the organization called "we called Ludwig" the special group exhibition. The exhibition invited 25 artists for the creation of the museum, the museum with works to reflect the past, present and future. The exhibition includes artists from all over the world, the work of the exhibition spans a number of times, representing a variety of political and social positions.   参展艺术家包括:Ge?orges Adéag?bo、艾未未、Ei Arakawa & Michel Au?d?er,Min?er?va Cue?vas,Maria Eich?horn,安德烈・弗雷泽(An?drea Fras?er),Meschac Ga?ba,游击队女郎(Guer?ril?la Girls),汉斯・哈克(Hans Haacke),Dian?go Hernán?dez,Can?di?da H?fer,Bodys Isek Kin?gelez,Kuehn Malvezzi,Chris?tian Philipp Müller,Mar?cel Oden?bach,Ah?met ?güt,Claes Ol?d?en?burg,Pratchaya Phin?thong, Alexan?dra Piri?ci & Manuel Pel?mu?,格哈德・里希特(Ger?hard Richter)、Av?ery Singer,Jür?gen Stoll?hans,Rose?marie Trock?el,Vil?la De?sign Group,以及Chris?to?pher Wil?li?ams。 2, Paul t相关的主题文章: