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Fashion media group   all media development; build fashion matrix lead the trend of life – the media – original title: the establishment of fashion matrix lead the trend of life in August 8th, fashion media group (hereinafter referred to as the "fashion") ushered in the 23 birthday. In this groundless talk 23 years, are from only 1 journals develop into today’s media group, is the development of China fashion industry leader, is also a witness. In the traditional media is increasingly difficult to survive the current fashion, by the transformation of the traditional publishing group for new media group with multimedia online operations based on the original, the life of consumer periodicals based business, gradually expanded to planning books, new media, advertising, marketing activities in many fields, television production, investment etc. now, fashion has become a multi platform cross media integrated communication group. Connecting to local conditions in early 2010, fashion media group chairman Liu Jiang proposed the whole media development strategy, in the fashion of digital media platform, established in all media and industry chain for the two wings of the "fashion" development strategy. Are the new media layout adhere to the "variable and constant" combination, the so-called "change" is the change of means of production and production thinking, and "change" is the core position and value, this is a process of connecting, according to local conditions. "From the point of view of new media development trend, we develop 1 period in the group of new media to do is" traditional digital content ", which print the contents of the output in other new channels on the platform of synchronous display, the new channel will spread a lot of quality content in traditional new platform more, this is important." Vice president, fashion media group general manager of the new media department of Chinese Kai Fei "press and publication newspaper" the reporter said, "the development of the 2 period in the new media group, we will do more ‘local’, in particular environmental output specific content. In the Internet environment is to follow the user oriented thinking, with its specific language environment and content needs, in the end what is particularly important to the user. Therefore, the content of law cannot print in such an environment of copying. Now the fashion group is in the transition period from 1 to 2, the introduction of user oriented thinking fashion group’s new media products have begun to adhere to, first, result oriented, content system to build information + service." It is understood that the group has created a new fashion fashion media WEB end website, social media, mobile media three product matrix, these products through years of operation has formed a mature business model, each product from its own characteristics, in the traditional advertising, high-quality native advertising, online and offline activities, IP content and its production copyright, business and other aspects of operational development. In recent years, the fashion group’s new media revenue growth is relatively rapid, compared to 2014 as a starting point, in 2015 compared to 226.1% growth in the first half of 2016 than in the first half of 2015, an increase of 214.3%. The financial media released the interactive promotion according to Kai Fei introduction, "the same topic, we let the paper publication to bear the tonality and more communication, while the new media is more focused on user interaction and bearing)相关的主题文章: