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More than 200 countries to apply for more than zero position in the remote grassroots exam yesterday is the last day of the country, as of 16:30 yesterday, a total of up to 1285719 people have passed the registration, the number of Posts has been registered in the number of 15345. Part of the competition has reached a white hot degree. As of yesterday, 16:30, the most competitive post competition ratio has risen to 9504:1, an increase of nearly 23 percentage points over the previous day. The central office is far more than Chinese Zhejiang civil aviation safety supervision and Management Bureau, become the most competitive in departments. The most intense NLD central office position to compete in the 2016 national examination registration channel 18 officially closed yesterday. As of 16:30 yesterday, the NLD Central Executive Office of the "reception section head and below" 9504:1 to the competitive ratio topped, become the most competitive position. The most intense competition in the top ten of the jobs are mostly from the central state administrative organs (provincial level and below) and reference to the civil service (Curriculum) law management institutions, accounting for 60% of all jobs. China map education expert analysis, this is because most of these jobs require relatively low degree, professional requirements are relatively broad, can apply more professional, usually without household registration, political affiliation, grass-roots work experience and other requirements, and the special registration number. These requirements of professional mostly liberal arts majors, shows that the test is the main force in Humanities and social sciences of the candidates, but compared to the majority of the students of Humanities and Social Sciences, national examination in attractive position is still too small, resulting in the situation of thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers single plank bridge. Expert analysis, the location of these positions is better, more distributed in the southeast coastal areas, the city beautiful scenery, the economy is more developed, the climate is appropriate, so many people are one of the reasons for. From the view of nature, the central departments, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ningbo entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau has attracted most of the candidates, the job is not very hard, good benefits, high social status. In addition, the number of Posts recruiting is the cause of enrollment aggregation. Such as the Ministry of foreign affairs "(English course)" this position is one of the most number of recruiting positions. In addition, these positions require relatively broad. Such as the Ministry of foreign affairs "English" this position requires professional mostly diplomacy, international relations, journalism, law, science and engineering related professional undergraduate degree requires only related majors. Some positions have no restrictions on the work experience at the grassroots level, which is a good choice for graduates. Three interview ratio is 1:5, relative to 1:3 or 1:4 interview ratio is also relatively easy to enter the interview session. Experts also warned that the number of recruiting more jobs is not necessarily a good test. Such as the Ministry of foreign affairs, the English scores in previous years is not low, in 2015 the score of 130.1. More than 200 jobs for zero in remote primary side is the number of candidates in the intense competition, the other side is cold for zero position. As of 24 16:30, the national test plan recruiting 27061 people, the registration system audit by the 1285719 people, the average competition ratio of 48:1. The last day of the exam, a total of 1.相关的主题文章: