Zhengzhou residents of the community to build iron sheet community a demolition of residents to make 若槻ゆうか

Zhengzhou residents: a real mess built tin community demolition residents will have to make the metal housing residents built Henan daily trainee reporter Wen Kuiwei community figure bent iron board room of illegal construction seriously, misappropriation of public land, houses of various sizes, which seriously affect the life of people. This is happening in some communities of Zhengzhou cotton along the road, how serious, the reporter conducted a visit. [] reflect residents complain that the district illegally built serious recently, Zhengzhou citizens Ms. Li told the Daily reporter to reflect, in many public residential area was privately occupied, even the fire exits are encumbered. According to the public’s reflection, the morning of November 8th, Henan Chinese commercial news reporters came to the five cotton communities located on the road. Just a door, a district between the activities of the board is particularly garish, each covers an area of 5~10 square meters in size, the door has a big lock locked. In the cell door also built two houses, leaving only a car through space. People are built in the yard, put the electric car." Crossing a big uncle told reporters that electric cars can not move upstairs, to build this room to put the car, spend one thousand or two thousand can be a good ride." Reporter visited by the nearby area, found four cotton East community there are many illegally built board room, "not only the five cotton community, near almost small." People playing cards in the yard, told reporters that this is the old district, are the case. [] that community response to "uncontrollable" demolition residents will have to make for the district illegally built rampant, on the morning of 8, the Henan Daily reporter came to the studio for community service consulting. Explained what he wanted, five cotton South Community a staff surnamed yuan told reporters that this phenomenon exists for a long time, "just started to build much more and more, then follow the trend." They also do statistics and report to the office, waiting for treatment, also dare not to open, there will be a demolition residents to downtown, so they are very distressed, "want to tube, but ah!" The staff member said. The four cotton East community committee staff refused to answer questions raised by reporters. Then the reporter went to the office of the person in charge of the cotton road, office party office told reporters that they also noticed this phenomenon, because there is no enforcement powers, it has been in a passive state, need joint monitoring, urban management and other law enforcement departments to be more. Video: the storm over the whole layer of terrorist metal housing more than and 10 cars smashed 3 cars burned today infraredimages: Qinyang sixtieth old three years to save 2000 yuan back to the street today hot news: Nanyang two huoleifeng woman to the supermarket when their own wardrobe while visiting side man stealing clothes to account not cool two mobile phone broke others jailed for three months long sister-in-law as a mother of Kaifeng women 15 years taking care of mentally retarded brother-in-law Nanyang old Lai exposure briefless active repayment for delete blacklist Pingdingshan a waste transfer station adjacent to the school building construction procedures in place said cited dissatisfaction Henan recommended: a set of solicitation to shoot Eleven: Double Dog abuse [theme] Now – no matter you are single or single off, must have experienced or are experiencing abuse by couples, photographed show loving couple (street kiss) picture, express your masochistic mood! Participate in the mail: dywypjh@qq, specify the subject, the shooting location;相关的主题文章: