Beautiful anchor Hunan source quest master Juexue (video) 索尼a350

Beautiful anchor Hunan source quest master Juexue [2016 fifth Chaling Zu an delicacy Culture Festival press release start] sail: urban female anchor invites you to quest the source of hunan! 2016 by the Chaling County People’s government and the Hunan city channel jointly organized the "inside the Hunan source · with the goods; Zu an feast" fifth Chaling home cuisine delicacy Zu an cultural festival press conference held in Chaling County compound. The delicacy Culture Festival will carry out an early progenitor delicacy model shop contest in Chaling, the National Day holiday city channel anchors invite everyone with critical tongue and chowhound passion, went to the birthplace of Chaling Hunan Sibbhult, and Internet voting, you will get the Chaling super organic products Award; October 4th morning "in the city live" column, will broadcast the "national day share Zu an feast in Chaling City Plaza rhinoceros fragrance, show 200 Zu an food stunt for the motherland New Year! Quest: Hunan source, the mystery of why Zu an Jing yan! China as "eight cuisine Sichuan, Shandong, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hunan, Anhui, and throughout the country, beloved, Hunan in the top three in doubt. However, Hunan source by the Chaling ancestral temple, listen to explain: "Zu an Chinese is served as chairman of the national government, the national government Chinese first Premier Tan Yankai’s words. As the saying goes, rich three generations, to know food and clothing. Tan Yankai’s father Tan Zhonglin is a "eat", Tan Zhonglin has been serving as governor of Zhejiang, governor of Guangdong and guangxi. The native of Chaling Tan Yankai was born in Hangzhou, longer than the Guangdong and Guangxi, served with the Hunan captaincy, carry forward the "eat" the tradition of his father, Tan Yankai will be thick heavy flavor juice Guangdong light into mellow Hunan, founded the "Zu an dishes". Zu An home cuisine with "acid instead of cool, spicy but not strong, fat but not greasy, tender but not clear, but not little, thick but not thick, sweet and yet the delicacy concept won the brittle without solidity" at home and abroad customers of all ages, is recognized as the "Hunan originator", is also an important foundation Hunan among eight. Heritage: urban female anchor Zu an dishes university art, cultural spirit inheritance delicacy! At a news conference on the same day, Hunan city channel beauty chair of Zu an Hunan culture showed great interest, have to return to the traditional, but on that day in October 4th we also invited Hunan master Wang Moquan as guest judges to attend the activities, beautiful anchor who cannot resist the charm of Hunan delicacy, carefully grind Zu an dishes stunt, accept Zu an dishes chef and Mr. Wang Moquan personally guide, and strive to become the standard Chinese good daughter-in-law. Invitation: all together, leading the new trend of Hunan! A grand delicacy trip has prepared for you, pay attention to "luoxiaoshan" WeChat public number, for the Zu An family food demonstration shop you love hotel selection entry point of praise, winning Chaling characteristic mystery prize. The more you can call the Hunan city channel hotline 0731-84802110, sign up for the October 4th held in Chaling city live: "national day share Zu an banquet", see Chaling intangible cultural heritage "at the opera", "Hakka tea dragon", listening to the wonderful taste of Chaling folk songs, Hunan Zu an delicacy in TV, grab a shake Chaling specialty to eat, but also to take! Sign up, let’s turn on the tea相关的主题文章: