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The introduction of Wuhan’s first medical rescue helicopter only 199 yuan a year into Wuhan’s first medical rescue helicopter only 199 yuan a year hot information metropolis daily [micro-blog] Hu Yongmou Chen Yuan Wei rhenium 2016-10-08 15:10 I want to share you may love hidden into the picture 4 piece Chu propeller faster, around to come to a full watch the people, a huge roar, a yellow helicopter into the sky…… Today, in the Sino French Wuhan ecological demonstration city (Caidian) Tongji Hospital France Metro School District South Square, circular special apron with a diameter of 2 meters more than the use of professional air medical rescue point this is Wuhan’s first operation. It is understood that the helicopter will be long-term guard here, to become Wuhan’s first medical rescue helicopter. "Air 120" cost 30 million Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter on the scene saw the helicopter belonging to the Agusto Weiss AW119 model, the cost of 30 million yuan. The helicopter type large space and superior performance, an oil fill the flight of 700 km, 300 km per hour hour. Today, 8 am, the rescue helicopter flew from the hospital to the Central Hospital of Xianning, the transfer of a traffic accident in patients, back and forth only took about 50 minutes. The reporter saw in the aircraft cabin, this aircraft imported medical helicopter cabin, without any modification, within the time of manufacture of airborne well equipped with advanced medical equipment, the equivalent of a most advanced ambulance into the cabin, ventilator, defibrillator monitor, infusion pump, suction machine, medical stretcher and other equipment Goods are available in all varieties. and like a mini air "ICU". The aircraft can accommodate up to 6 people, including two crew, a lay person, and 3 through professional training and have the relevant qualifications, grasp the critical care skills and knowledge of aviation medical rescue personnel. 10:27, the reporter saw at the scene, the plane took off again when the body did not appear obvious shaking and bumps, stability and security are very good. Kingwing relevant responsible person said, at present this project can provide five basic services, including pre hospital rescue, inter hospital transport, transportation, medical experts, organ connected special medical emergency equipment and drug delivery. In the event of an emergency, the need for helicopter rescue case, the medical authorities and the civil aviation regulatory authorities will follow the principle of life-saving gold, within 30 minutes to take off. Insurance 199 yuan a year free of charge, this time to spend a few million to sit it? Where people can afford?" Today, many people come to the onlookers said that such a high-end medical rescue services, I am afraid that only the rich can afford to use it? It is understood that the helicopter operating costs, service costs is indeed very high, if the market price, according to different models, the cost of helicopter rescue at 4 – $70 thousand hours, this AW119 aircraft is 40 thousand yuan an hour. "Originally, the price of non ordinary people can afford, but Kingwing learn from foreign experience, combined with the various insurance companies launched including different service content and the combination of the air rescue insurance service, users only need to buy insurance for one year)相关的主题文章: