Carman Lee Lan Qin set foot on the top Helen of Troy followed by fleeing the road 巴雷特m82a1

Carman Lee Lan Qin set foot on the top Helen of Troy followed by fleeing Lu Carman Lee after 21 years to reproduce the classic Lan Qin rag jacket northeast Zhou Xiaoou hit the tank destroyed wine lamentation Sina entertainment news Beijing TV comedy show "original cross-border competitive cross-border comedy king" will be held this Saturday night in 20:30 finals exciting. After fierce competition before the ten qualifying game, eight crossover star Deus ex. They will be in the finals on the stage to bring a wonderful cross-border performances, let us wait and see. Carman Lee promises to play Helen of Troy deduction comic version of "Carman Lee" version of the "The legend of Condor Hero" has been broadcast The legend of Condor Hero twenty years but alive, as the popular players resurrected Carman Lee will bring us what surprises? In this programme, Carman Lee changed the match in the Charter dirty image, promises to play again Helen of Troy. Accompanied by the melody sounded familiar, fluttering white aunt took the audience back to the moment when the "The legend of Condor Hero". Helen of Troy Carman Lee saved Yang Guo deeply unfeeling Valley, but difficult to find the antidote unfeeling flowers. In desperation, Carman Lee left lady sword, accidentally stabbed Li Jing’s magical eyes cathead carving, two people staged a drama or sword. The conversation between Li Jing and Yang Guo, moved by Helen of Troy story, out of their own blood to 100 drugs secret. Carter, Li Mochou and unfeeling Valley Lord interception, three people have started carving for war comedy. Fei Yuqing opened the clinic into the old Chinese medicine, a different kind of disease caused by the whole chorus with the rapid development of society, fast-paced modern life so that more and more people suffering from the modern disease. In the period of "cross-border comedy king" on the stage, I opened his own "fee physicotherapeutic room", the embodiment of old Chinese medicine. However, the little brother was treatment with other hospitals are not the same, "old Chinese" do is to cure the soul. The song "let the unique therapy fee type physiotherapy room" into the concert, Fei Yuqing not only reproduce the classic songs, and also the head nurse cooperation "a hot song rap I drink drunk", it attracted the audience chorus, the atmosphere to a climax. Zhou Xiaoou [micro-blog] not sing rock variable cylinder lamentation destroy wine dispensers rock singer born Zhou Xiaoou has been in the stage of cross-border hard work, the result is obviously. Qualifying, he shaped the image of the people of the true to life hero, caused many discussions, netizens have said Zhou Xiaoou played the tribute, the essence of the character of the well deserved promotion. In this match, Zhou Xiaoou continuation of the historical interpretation of the plot, a small figure of the special era the joys and sorrows of fate. As the family pub Town, Zhou Xiaoou played in beer, wine and sing. After his father’s death, he accidentally took over the treasurer position, years of grinding, Zhou Xiaoou grew up to be a good businessman. But not every day is Sunday, a hoax that he lost all. Lan Qin [micro-blog] rags jacket northeast eat dumplings on appealing this has missed the "king of comedy" cross finals Lan Qin with high network support rate once again revitalized, interpretation in this program and old partner poplar)相关的主题文章: