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The man killed his wife was sentenced to probation slip car tricycle accident Beijing JINGWAH – It is often seen. Times News (reporter Zheng Yujia) who lives in a village of Miyun District farmers Tianmou in their own doorstep, driving three wheeled motorcycle because of the uphill slide car, accidentally knocked down the car after his wife died. Yesterday morning, reporters learned that the Miyun court to traffic accident, sentenced to 1 years in prison, suspended for 1 years. The special traffic accident happened in March 18th this year. More than 5 in the afternoon, Tianmou driving their own Taurus brand three wheeled motorcycle, and his wife Zhang pull sand. To the front of the house, due to the slope of the door, the car was not able to go up to half of the car, and the back of the car, will stand in the car after Zhang knocked down. Zhang was injured and was taken to hospital for treatment, died after the rescue the next day, in line with traumatic hemorrhagic shock death. It was found that Tianmou full responsibility for the accident, Zhang no responsibility. In June this year, the prosecution to Tianmou suspicion of traffic accident crime prosecution. The court held that the defendant Tianmou without obtaining a driving license, and driving a motor vehicle is not registered by the traffic administrative department of the public security organs on the road and ensure safety, and thus a major accident caused one death, their behavior violated China’s criminal law, constituted the crime of traffic accident. In view of the defendant Tianmou after appearing in court truthfully confessed his crime, the families of victims to obtain understanding, for a lighter punishment according to law and sentenced to probation. > > link tricycle accident occurred repeatedly reporter search found that three wheeled motorcycle accidents occur frequently. Insiders said that the three wheeled motorcycle such products in the market has been at a low level, low level state. The production market disorder, in addition to the few large motorcycle manufacturers, many of which are brand-name goods, in fact and not through national production standards. In addition, the technical content of this car is low, easy to buy, most users are not on the card, there is not a small security risk. Last July 10th, near Gansu in Qinzhou District of Qinling Mountains city of Tianshui province township, a Wupaiwuzheng motorcycle driving a large truck on the way and the road opposite the tricycle collision, 4 people were killed and 4 injured. After the hospital, 3 injured after rescue invalid death. The morning of October 9, 2014, the 78 year old Shen drove their own unlicensed tricycle, with his wife to go to the village medical wanglaotai. On the way back, from the front of the truck, motorcycle rollover and collided with a truck, Wanglaotai tricycle from the inside out injured in hospital, died 3 months later. Shen without driving a motor vehicle driving license without a license for motor vehicle traffic accident caused a serious injury after death, the court was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment, suspended for a period of 1 years.相关的主题文章: