Walking suddenly fell 20 year old bow family cervical spine has aged 60 纪元1701

Walk suddenly fell 20 "bow" cervical vertebra was 60 years old 20 years old boy legs weakness, walk like on cotton, the day before the house collapsed, the hospital examination, doctors found that his neck was equivalent to 60 years old. Experts pointed out that, " bow family " rapid growth, cervical spondylosis and other old age began to stare at young people, serious and may even paralysis. 20 year old Ren Bin (a pseudonym) after living in the lake, and many young people are like " bow family " most of the time are looking down at the news, chat, play games, every day to see the phone more than a dozen hours. A few months ago, Ren Bin felt a little pain in the neck and shoulders, also feel dizzy. Recently, he felt the fingers of both hands over a numb, weak legs, like walk in " " on cotton;. The day before yesterday, Ren Bin suddenly collapsed, the family will visit lake school district he sent to Wuhan city hospital. The rehabilitation kewan Wenjun director examination, Ren Bin for the diagnosis of cervical spondylotic myelopathy. So that the director of the accident is only 20 year old Ren Bin, the cervical spine has degenerated into an old man, such as the age of 60, if it continues to develop and may even cause paralysis, long-term look down at the phone, it is the culprit. At present, Ren Bin accepted acupuncture and physiotherapy treatment in the Department of rehabilitation, the symptoms were relieved. Director of the introduction, cervical spondylosis in the past is " senile disease " but, with the popularity of computers, mobile phones, " bow family " more and more young patients accounted for more than 50%-60%. If in the early stages of the disease can not be treated in time, the condition will become more and more serious, there will be incontinence, paralysis, etc.. Bow family, family, family and other electronic desk is a high-risk population of cervical spondylosis, if found recurrent neck pain, stiff neck easily, we must be vigilant if suffering from cervical spondylosis. How to prevent cervical spondylosis, 000 Director suggested that 10 minutes of exercise a day can effectively alleviate the cervical spondylosis as follows: head word: head movement successively to eight directions, but not the head. Neck stretching exercise: take the position of sitting or standing, slowly began to look up, try to stretch the neck, and the chest and abdomen together up. Shrug movement: head straight, eyes straight ahead, straight, vertical arms drooping, two shoulders hunched up at the same time, try to relax, and then try again. Reverse stretching: left hand down to the back stretch; his right hand up, to the back stretch, hands on the shoulder joint. Then the left and right exchange stretch, so repeatedly, on the shoulders, neck and back can play a very good exercise effect. (reporter correspondent Gao Chenchen Ma Yaoyao)相关的主题文章: