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"My war" Tony Yang premiere war film blasting site shocked Tencent entertainment Tony Yang Liu Ye, starring Wang Luodan, directed by Peng Shun’s epic war film "my war" will be released nationwide in September 15th. As for the first time appeared in the war film Tony Yang, blasting and real shock reduction over keenly aware of the battlefield scene, he was deeply shocked. In order to more realistic interpretation of war field, during the filming of the actors is not suffer less. Tony Yang round childhood hero dream real blasting site was struck for the first time appeared in war film Tony Yang, in an interview once said, "when I was young, I love watching the war, gangster, science fiction movies, often dreamed he was a hero, the quilt folded thick, then pretending to be shot, but in it feels very brave. When I started filming, I was hoping to make a war movie. I was lucky, "my war" let me round the young wish." Director Peng Shun strict requirements on the shooting scene, insist no effects, to restore the true war field, and each burst point with real flame blasting and petrol bombs, also make the participating actors deeply shocked. Deep in the shooting scene is keenly aware of Tony Yang feelings, only feel in the theater before a hail of bullets audio-visual effects, even in the practical experience, the scene is far from inside the car, can feel the kind of strong quake, blasting the earth trembled and the mountains swayed is very shocking. Winter cold air Tony Yang shot the whole person "frozen silly" "my war" was shot in the winter of 2015, which lasted more than three months, the actors have been living in the cold environment of minus zero insist on shooting. Last year, it is said to be the coldest winter in the north for forty years, and one of the filming of the north of Zhangjiakou coincides with the cold air must pass through the entrance, the coldest time, the shooting environment reached minus 21 degrees celsius. Tony Yang recalled "when shooting the exposed face, ears, hands are frozen to the pain. The first day after the play back to the room, the whole people are stupid state, are afraid to start tomorrow morning, it is frozen." The cold hard filming environment, Tony Yang would often amuse themselves with a day to see Liu Ye at the scene, he joked: "brother ye, the northeast people are not afraid of cold," said Liu Ye, pulling the clothes, there are actually 18 warm baby, then the second day he also bluntly put on clothes 18. Everyone also made a lot of warm-up exercise, do exercise to keep warm. Tony Yang Wang Luodan, together with Liu Ye, Huang Zhizhong starred in the "war" in September 15th will be released nationwide in mid autumn day, the memory of the martyrs, to restore the true shock of the war scenes with you to relive this period of war has the temperature of the true history of blood and tears.相关的主题文章: