Li Mengxie little ring Pakistan strength powder on the same day – new cold exposure entertainment So 霍金hawking

Li Mengxie "little" ring "Pakistan strength powder" on the same day – new cold exposure entertainment Sohu Li Meng answered questions from the audience Sohu entertainment news the evening of October 28th, Li Meng with his new film "young Babylon" debut in Qingdao, and the actor Dong Zijian, director Xiang Guoqiang and the audience after the video communication. That night, Li Meng dressed in a black dress collocation red high-heeled shoes appearance, personality full lips become the overall shape considerably. On the same day, Li Meng in the popular IP drama "cold, we can not be sad" in character "small nine" modeling exposure, attracted fans have to give Li Meng a message to support, and the author of the original work is to express the expectations of the role of Li Meng in forwarding micro-blog personal photos. Li Mengliang "little" Pakistan Qingdao roadshow scene circle powder six year old movie "young Babylon" tells the story of the youth born in 70s and Li Meng’s factory, plant flowers "white blue" image of charming, frank frank, not only in the movie for Dong Zijian’s Lu Xiaolu and the male role for dumping, film after the show is captured the audience. Through the interpretation of Li Meng, "white blue" not only attracted fans, but also at the scene of the strength of powder to six year old ring. After the end of the exchange, one with children viewing the parents of Li Meng said at the end of the movie a separate scenes even attracted her six young children in the theater to cry "white and blue can not find, can not find the white and blue!" When Li Meng joy and surprise her little boy, he was shy blush to dodge, but is the little boy’s sister and sister generous "white blue" photo, Li Meng’s "power ring powder" let the atmosphere relaxed and happy, laughter again and again; at the scene, when Li Meng asked the audience to "white blue" the role and what is the difference between the previous role, Li Meng also bluntly this role is the highest degree of a role in the past, she said "white blue" in the film is more like a symbol as existence, is to be changed a key figure in the life of the road path, but also love their most current role. "Young Babylon" will be released in December 9th in the country. Li Meng starred in "cold" modeling exposure author Bo "cold look, we can not be sad" Li Meng coincidentally, yesterday afternoon in the high heat of the IP drama "cold new stills, we can not be sad" the official micro-blog exposure, Li Meng dressed in a black leather motorcycle girl "energetic incarnation the small nine" attention, at the same time her micro-blog forwarded a message "small nine, peace! Continue to walk along life "so that the role of the fate and the background of the story become whirling. At the same time, let the fans are full of expectations have to give her a message, referred to the small nine would like to cry, come on, give it to you, because you go to see the show". While the original author of the message in the message is also forwarded, ten years of people in the dream, now painting. Hi, ginger. Hi, little nine. Hi, everyone, hope that you are well." It can be seen that his "little nine" role expectations. TV drama "cold, we can not be sad" is in a hot shot. Two IP masterpiece on the same day on the line, the story of the youth of different ages to allow the audience to Li Meng’s performances have more expectations. Plus she’s in this year.相关的主题文章: