Fuzhou municipal units to complete the closure of locomotive car disposal to be implemented after ap caxa实体设计

Has put seals on the part of Fuzhou bus reform abolished centralized vehicle parked in the underground garage of the Eastern District Office channel news network September 24th canceled the implementation of Fuzhou municipal units to complete the closure of locomotive vehicle car disposal pending approval after (Hoi reporter Wang Linchengwen Figure) Fuzhou municipal units of the bus reform to cancel the vehicle, ordered into the underground garage of the Eastern District Office, parked in the centralized parking, door seals. Yesterday, Fuzhou municipal units use cancel vehicles to complete sealed, waiting for disposal. The reform of government organs bus in Fuzhou county will be basically completed in the following month. Garage East office area, set up the centralized parking point yesterday morning, the reporters came to the eastern sea office area, seen in the 2 underground garage, many vehicles have changed to cancel the vehicle according to the guidance of the staff, parked in the parking spots are concentrated, and seals. One after another, there are many bus lines to this point, the staff will be on the condition of the vehicle, and other relevant documents for detailed examination. Field staff said, for the bus reform, the relevant departments of Fuzhou to determine the number of parking spots, and the Eastern Office of the underground garage is one of the 2. Reserved for the number of official vehicles, Fuzhou bus reform program made clear. Fuzhou municipal authorities were retained 160 confidential communications, emergency official vehicles. Among them, the city and county (city) district Party committee, the National People’s Congress, governments, CPPCC organs according to the nature of the work and tasks, reasonable keep confidential communications, emergency, investigation and reception is determined by the number of vehicles, at all levels of public transport system reform leading group audit, including research and reception with a car by no more than 35% existing reservations. "Fuzhou city unified subsidy standard, divided into 6 grades, departmental level is at the level of 1690 yuan per person per month, 1040 yuan per person per month, deputy level zhengkeji 920 yuan per person per month, 650 yuan per person per month, fukeji 580 yuan per person per month, staff and the following 500 yuan per person per month." Fuzhou City, the car changed to the relevant person in charge, cancel the vehicle can be sealed after the required payment of public transport subsidies reference personnel. Rong bus disposal, the reporter noted that the implementation of pending approval after storage of vehicles, some belonging to the law enforcement duty vehicles. According to reports, the Fuzhou bus reform for law enforcement duty car also made the relevant provisions. Law enforcement vehicles to be retained on the strict enforcement of the law enforcement duties on the line positions, internal management and logistics organs and institutions owned institutions shall not be equipped with. Among them, the level of law enforcement units on duty to maintain the number of law enforcement vehicles do not exceed 60% of the original number of preparation, county (city) district law enforcement units on duty to maintain law enforcement vehicles, not more than the original number of 70%. Fuzhou city car office official said, Fuzhou government official car department in conjunction with the relevant departments to formulate measures for disposal of official vehicles, reported that the level of public transport system reform leading group to organize the implementation after approval. In addition, according to the actual situation around, the failure to dispose of the vehicle, through the establishment of a transitional vehicle service center or social vehicle leasing companies, according to the operation of the market, to provide paid services, the government shall not provide financial subsidies for the establishment, at the same time, Beidou vehicles unified management information system, the transition period is tentatively scheduled for 3 years. ;相关的主题文章: