Pepper yellow road three district set up a public bicycle station to achieve seamless docking 乃々果花

Three pepper Huang Lu a public bike shuttle station to achieve a "seamless" in May this year, Taizhou City, the first "card", will lease three district public bicycle and bus function assembled on a card, but there are limitations, although the public in three areas within the rent of public bicycle, but gives no also, unable to cross the car, how much there is a little regret. More convenient for people to travel, to achieve seamless public bicycles, the public bicycle company at the junction of set up a public bike shuttle station in the two district, two district is set in the same location of public bike station, to the public through the cross. October 17th, Huangyan – Luqiao, after the opening of the feeder station test. Jiaojiang – Huangyan station has been completed system commissioning, will be opened in the near future, the three district public bicycle system to achieve seamless docking". If people need to ride from Huangyan to Luqiao, just at the Huangyan station to return the car operation, and then rent the same place of Luqiao public bike. Deputy manager of Huangyan public bicycle company Wang Wei reminded the public: "at present, three district public bicycle system has achieved three area card charge by car, but also cross car are required to pass through connection of the transfer station, can not be directly returned to the cross." It is understood that the Huangyan – Luqiao shuttle station is located in Lu Village streets Zhuang Huangyan Tongyu; Jiaojiang feeder station is located in the prosperous village (a cable right); Jiaojiang – Luqiao feeder station is located in Hongjiadu streets in Huangyan city harbor, Luqiao, Jiaojiang – Luqiao shuttle station shuttle station has opened operation.相关的主题文章: