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Tanya Chua sings the frequency response: forget the words headset failure seeking understanding – Sohu entertainment   Tanya Chua concert style;     Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, since the debut of singer Tanya Chua (Tanya) wrote many popular works, won 3 Award for best female singer’s affirmation, singing strength can not be ignored. The day before the concert held just after Taipei, but was generally well received, "frequently refers to forget the words," let always responsible for their own her, could not help but jumped out to explain the problem mostly happens in the "headset", hope you can understand. Tanya Chua finished the concert for 4 days, 1 am in the face book revealed held on the same day, a little regret left heart, first talked about in the concert "dialogue" angels and demons, headset mistake in the first costume on the body, until the lifting table from before the rise is still not easy to find, find and hear the music, only to find the main song has already missed the first section of the whole section, had to choose to not sing, not like the outside world said forget the words. Then comes another regret, Tanya Chua said in the song "blank grid", "his headset appeared suddenly in the overlapping and slow voice", she almost could not keep up with the band’s accuracy, 2 point errors make her feel to the fans is very guilty, and revealed to explain these things not to find excuses for yourself, but let the fans know the truth, but also because of this experience, the next time a similar problem, she also know how to deal with. Tanya Chua’s face book: the concert is over for a few days! Thank you very much for the whole team! But the heart is still a little regret is the first of second part (angel and the devil’s dialogue) song happened. See some reports that I frequently forget the words (in fact should not be so concerned about the reports but still have to explain, because I was supposed to change Cai seriously) ear monitor receiver on me was forgotten in the first set of clothing to rise from the lifting platform has not been able to find in the last few seconds. So I can’t hear the music at that moment. I found it in a little while, and when I finally heard the music, I found that I had missed the first verse. So I can only choose not to sing the whole paragraph. Not forget the word. So there’s only the song that’s what they call ‘forget the word’. Not two Song (don’t bother me I swear I did not forget the words) must put a lot of credit given an angel hand. Because of her I won’t forget the words in the blank case occurs when a singing sound control according to the teacher said it hasn’t happened (I blame my headset is a strong electromagnetic field) appeared suddenly in their overlapping and slow voice completely with my vocal in fighting and interference. The only thing I can count on is the click of the left ear, or I can’t hear the vocal and the band. These are just a few of the things that people want to know more about what happened at that time and not make excuses for themselves (but it did happen). I’ll get the experience again next time I’ll know how.相关的主题文章: