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Ling Xiaosu is always in front of religious literature admission Shu Ji female acid scholar Ling Xiaosu and entertainment Sohu Mr. Lao Ling Xiaosu and artist Lan Tianye Sohu entertainment news recently, "to commemorate the 50 anniversary of the death of Lao She’s documentary" the late Nobel "" conference in Beijing held a grand. Actress Ling Xiaosu was invited to work with Lao She’s daughter Shu Ji to read the classic passages in the works of mr.. As the only representative of Ling Xiaosu young, passionate elocnte, bring the audience infinite touched with emotion, the power of literature spanning half a century is still full of charm. Early contact with Mr. Lao She’s works, Ling Xiaosu admitted that it is affected by the family: "in 1982, my great grandfather Ling Zifeng Lao She’s masterpiece" camel Xiangzi "for the film adaptation, in childhood will often see the west film studio." During the interview, he jokes that he is in Shaanxi Beijing, Beijing grew up with rich atmosphere of Lao She literary works full of interest. Many works about Lao She, "said Ling Xiaosu without thinking camel Xiangzi" I love it "focus person at the same time to further enlarge the whole society, each time I have different feelings." Now it is the year of the Nobel prize for literature awards season, and half a century ago, because at that time, mr.. Now relive the classic, Ling Xiaosu admits: I prefer to stay with these old artists, there are only classic and precipitation. In the face of literature, we will always be pious and humble, reject the noisy and impetuous."相关的主题文章: