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Our ten years of Zhao Liying Feng Mingchao is like acting aggressively bursting – "our entertainment Sohu ten years" Feng Mingchao stills of our ten years of acting aggressively Zhao Liying Feng Mingchao was praised by Zhao Liying, with Sohu entertainment news, Qiao Renliang Feng Mingchao starred in the film "nostalgia youth of our ten years of" being aggressively. The film tells the story of three men and women across the three years of youth story and memory of the past ten years. The film is the most close to the 80 and 90 generation real life story settings, including the millennium, SARS, earthquake and other nostalgic plot, Zhao Liying Feng Mingchao and other actors also acclaimed. In the film, Zhao Liying plays the corner of a tomboy "Zhang Jingyi, both the youth campus short hair style, or ten years later with the success of the identity of the image of the woman to return to the campus, with all control. He also used into the three performances, the interpretation of the "Piano goddess" Chen Yi Nuo sad for ten years. Feng Mingchao’s "warm" Zhuofeng, although few scenes, but with "a female" Liang Xiaoyi break up scenes very eye-catching. Comment the play Yan value, more netizens said: "the handsome actor played Zhuofeng, acting bursting". Not only Liang Xiaoyi and opponents play remarkable, "warm" Zhuofeng after breaking up, terrified, it is said that in order to play this scene, Feng Mingchao drank a bottle of wine, no wonder the ruddy face so naturally. Expected the yen value high youth film, can make persistent efforts, a landmark red box office.相关的主题文章: