Anhui to Yangzhou bus rollover rain has caused 2 deaths and 7 people injured 瀬名アスカ

Anhui to Yangzhou bus rollover rain has caused 2 deaths and 7 people injured rescue scene rescue site yesterday at 12 o’clock, a bus from Anhui to Chuzhou long-distance bus to Yangzhou via Yizheng, out of the fence in Xinji section, collided with the roadside trees. After the incident, the local fire, highways, traffic police, health and other departments rushed to the scene disposal, rescue. Modern Express reporter learned that the bus carrying 39 people, the incident when the car was 19 people, the accident has caused the death of two people, others were injured in varying degrees, was taken to hospital for treatment. Last night, the Yangzhou municipal Party committee secretary Xie Zhengyi rushed to the hospital to visit the injured in Northern Jiangsu, and stressed the need for full treatment, to ensure that the injured get the best treatment. ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express reporter Zang Xiaosong Wen taken out of the fence of bus rollover, a total of 19 people on the car yesterday when the Mid Autumn Festival, Yangzhou early in the morning it began to rain. Around 12 noon, a bus from Anhui to Chuzhou long-distance bus to Yangzhou via Yizheng, in Xinji when suddenly out of the fence, hit the roadside trees. After the incident, police, fire, emergency rescue, 120 emergency personnel rushed to the scene to carry out rescue. Modern Express reporter on the scene saw a highway fence was destroyed, a blue bus rollover on the road, stuck in the trees. Firefighters through the erection of the ladder from the window to the injured passengers were rescued in the ambulance. An injured passenger told reporters, "I was listening to the music with your eyes closed, the car suddenly swung and then plunged into a ditch." In addition, there is a lighter injured male passenger said, when the car was driving very fast, slippery rainy days, and later on the accident." The car belongs to Yang steam group, nuclear load 39 people, the actual load of 19 people. At 2:50 yesterday afternoon, all the passengers were rescued. After that, the injured passengers were sent to Yangzhou Subei people’s Hospital, Yizheng City People’s Hospital for treatment. Seriously injured in the biggest 64 years old, the youngest of about 8 yesterday afternoon around 4, modern express reporter rushed to Subei hospital. According to Xu Jiyang, director of the hospital emergency department, the accident, a total of 8 seriously injured to Subei hospital, including 4 male patients and 4 female patients. The oldest known is a 64 year old man, the youngest is a girl of the age of 8. Xu Jiyang, one of the adult women who do not know the name, was sent to the hospital when there is no vital signs. "The other 7 injured were in critical condition, have sent shock, 5 people are rescued in operation room." According to reports, the injured are basically multiple trauma, the hospital more than 30 emergency medical personnel involved in the rescue. 8 year old girl with intracranial hemorrhage and multiple fractures, not yet out of danger the most disturbing, is the 8 year old little girl. Yesterday evening, she was still in the Northern Hospital NICU rescue. Doctor Wang Xiaodong told Modern Express reporter, delirious the child sent, shock, "we immediately launched rescue personnel, Easy Access, to conduct a comprehensive inspection, the inspection found that she had intracranial hemorrhage, and there are serious bone fracture.相关的主题文章: