Huang Shiping, wet king for 15 years! 高达08ms小队

Huang Shiping, "wet king" for 15 years! Over the past twenty years, the business world swells. To BAT as the representative of the Internet giant, in the wave of early on the top of the Pyramid Wanda; let Wang Jianlin in the richest man, but helpless face off tide sweeping drops; the mobile terminal service enterprise resource integration, a piece of cake in the market; Lei Jun millet to make O2O a burst of red hot…… Fish, fast fish eat slow. The business world, one by one every day staged a rise or decline. "We don’t have the time to go outside and do a good job for life!" People who say this is the treasure of founder Huang Shiping wipes. Why did Huang Shiping make people? Almost unknown. But if talking about treasure wipes, maybe we are not unfamiliar. From the market 15 years ago wipes a wild, to the now famous domestic "wet king", Huang Shiping and his cherished wipes has a kind of story? Life is about Huang Shiping’s office is very simple: a log on the desk, just put a computer and some books on the left; the large bookcase occupies almost the entire surface of the wall, in addition to a row of thick book, several sets of precious exhibits wipes became the office only a touch of color; the sun hit the table and the black sofa, was not a trace of dust. This style, and the Polytechnic male identity Huang Shiping ifheavier. In 1984, Huang Shiping graduated from the Medical University Of Chongqing, a teacher career is 8 years. According to Huang Shiping’s life planning, and a ferule textbook should be will accompany him to spend the rest of my life, but in 90s the rise of the tide, let Huang Shiping come quietly turning. Compared with numerous outside, and there is no breakthrough in the teaching day in and day out life is boring. From the left pointer into a Taiwanese cosmetics company as a salesman, Huang Shiping only spent a week. Then he Qizaotanhei, only slept 4 hours a day, in a strange field sales find doorways, others are not willing to do the work, he will receive. Less than two years later, Huang Shiping rose to sales manager. Do the market with different teaching, active market can easily be spun from a deeper desire for success. For Huang Shiping, the work has gradually become a springboard, want to establish their own kingdom, entrepreneurship is the only path. In 1996, Huang Shiping went on the road, the first agent hair products, after Japan’s Matsushita electronic products, the original accumulation of capital under the huge day after. Destiny is wonderful. The original success of an acting career, but because of a business trip to Japan’s experience, happened to turn the world upside down changes. In April 1998, Tokyo Sakura flying all over the sky, and a room, Huang Shiping sits cross legged on several men and women wearing a kimono in front of a communication is not smooth. During the period, Huang Shiping saw a Japanese woman pulled out a pack of similar paper plastic packaging from the handbag, took out a towel from the hand wipe. To his great surprise, the paper towels are wet. After a glance, Huang Shiping’s eyes never left the wet paper towel. A few days later, Huang Shiping found that wet wipes are widely used, Japanese shops, dining table, handbags, everywhere. Huang Shiping’s inner ripples continue. The first night he left Japan, he lay.相关的主题文章: