The tomb tomb was gang collapse rescue associates arrested the police for help 申威1600

The tomb tomb was gang collapse rescue associates arrested the police for help Chinese client in November 13th news headlines, the collapse of a buried three man mining tomb, another two were saved, 120 associates call 119 after the rescue was arrested. Recently, Xi’an City, Changan District open court hearing a case of excavation of ancient tombs, three men were jailed for. In April this year, Wang learned Changan District Taiyi Palace Street highway toll station south of Xihua Xia Lu ancient tombs in the village have, and associates Liu, Zhang Moumou with the excavation of ancient tombs. The early morning of April 15th, Wang, Liu, Zhang Moumou three people from fan Moumou (male, 57 years old, handled separately) home carrying a shovel, flashlight and other tools to Chinese south ancient tombs began excavation and excavation activities during the fan Moumou sent to the plastic bucket and rope as mining tools. After the excavation process, the tomb collapsed, is under the pit excavation of Zhang Moumou buried, Wang, Liu immediately call "119", "120" requests for rescue, firefighters in Xi’an city police fire brigade rushed to the scene after Zhang Moumou rescued tomb. Rescue workers rushed to the scene, found that three people have the excavation of the tomb of the suspects will be reported to the police, but Wang, Liu although rescue workers know the police, still with the "120" emergency vehicles will Moumou sent to hospital for treatment, the police after Wang, Liu was rushed to the hospital by Zhang Moumou arrested after appearing in court. The Institute of Archaeology and cultural relics protection in Xi’an City, Xi’an City Bureau of cultural relics exploration, according to pieces of pottery tombs and tomb the tomb in the probing shovel extraction can be inferred in the Han Dynasty, has a certain historical, cultural and scientific research value. Recently, the Changan District court hearing the case. The court found that Wang, Liu, Zhang Moumou three commits the crime of excavation of ancient tombs. According to the relevant laws, the king sentenced to one year imprisonment and fined 7000 yuan; sentenced Liu imprisonment for eleven months and fined 4000 yuan; Zhang Moumou sentenced to eleven months imprisonment and fined 5000 yuan; in addition, the confiscation of three tools of crime.相关的主题文章: