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Jiangsu, Rugao, Jiangsu, a restaurant for the national day to sell 1 cups of white boiled water association concerns – the people’s network Jiangsu window – the people’s network map is a point menu provided by Mr. Chen. People’s network, Nantong, October 7 (reporter Wang Jiliang) still remember last year’s national day during the National Day Shandong Qingdao 38 yuan a shrimp? No, a restaurant in Rugao, Jiangsu also exposed 10 yuan a cup of white water news on the national day of this year. Regarding this, the local price department personage said that the charge of food and beverage is regulated by the market itself, but the price must be marked clearly, or the consumers should be informed ahead of time, otherwise it will be suspected of price cheating. According to Mr. Chen reflects more than 8 consumers, the morning of October 1st, he and his friends a line of 8 people came to the city of Rugao Zhongshan Road, a company called "eating in the dining restaurant, waiting for Gao" when asked the waiter to pour a few cups of water, the waiter asked to tea or water, Mr. Chen immediately said white boiling water can be. After dinner, 4 cups of white boiled water should be charged 40 yuan, an average of 10 yuan. In order not to affect the mood of a long holiday, Mr. Chen paid off the meal in accordance with the requirements of the restaurant. The menu Mr. Chen provided, in addition to green cover casting surface in 3 cases, beef cover casting surface in 1 cases, 1 cases, buckwheat vegetable dish wonton egg cake in 2 cases, a fried grass egg in 5 cases, 4 cases and "empty cup", the corresponding amount is 40 yuan indeed. In this regard, an employee of the store said "a white boiling water charge is for the guests a long time", but this was denied that Mr. Chen said, they are more than 8 points in the shop, closing 9 points to 01 points, plus waiting for the meal is not a long time. Before the release, the reporter was unable to contact the head of the restaurant to comment on the matter. It is reported that the local association has paid attention to this matter. (Gu Shushu, commissioning editor Zhang Xin) 江苏如皋一餐厅国庆卖10元1杯白开水 消协关注–人民网江苏视窗–人民网       图为陈先生提供的点菜单。   人民网南通10月7日电(记者王继亮)还记得去年国庆期间山东青岛38元一只的大虾吗?这不,江苏如皋一家餐厅也在今年国庆节曝出了10元一杯白开水的新闻。对此,当地物价部门人士称,餐饮收费由市场自行调节,但必须明码标价,或提前告知消费者,否则即涉嫌价格欺诈。    据消费者陈先生反映,10月1日早上8点多,他和朋友一行8人来到如皋城区中山东路一家名为“食在皋”的餐厅,等待就餐时请服务员倒几杯水,服务员问是需要茶还是水,陈先生等人当即表示白开水即可。结果就餐后结账,4杯白开水要收取40元钱,平均一杯10元。为了不影响大家长假游玩的心情,陈先生按照餐厅要求付清了餐费。    陈先生提供的点菜单显示,除了青椒盖浇面3例、牛肉盖浇面1例、素菜馄饨1例、荞麦鸡蛋饼2例、养油煎草鸡蛋5例,还有“空水杯”4例,对应金额确实为40元。对此,店家一位员工称“收取白开水费用是因为客人占座时间过长”,但此说遭到陈先生否认,称他们8点多进店,9点01分结账,加上等候上餐的时间并不长。     截至发稿前,记者未能联系到餐厅负责人就此事置评。据悉,当地消协已关注此事。 (责编:顾姝姝、张鑫)相关的主题文章: