Garlic is the only thing that you don’t know-姉summer

Garlic is only one harm, you certainly do not know that garlic is a spicy unique seasoning, but also strong bactericidal and prevent a variety of diseases. However, garlic is good, but not greedy. Especially bad eyes and liver. There is only one harm to garlic. There is a proverb saying: "garlic has Baili, only one harm, hurt the eye.". The long-term excessive consumption of garlic, can cause eye blurred vision, decreased vision, tinnitus, and top-heavy, mouth parched and tongue scorched memory decreased. So, pay attention to a "degree"". Scientists believe that eating a raw garlic every day is more appropriate, if cooked garlic to eat two or three pieces is enough. Garlic is small, but it is not good to eat. Because of the bactericidal effect of allicin, when heated, salty will soon lose its function, so it is best not to salt, raw food. Therefore, if you want to achieve the best health care effect, garlic is best mashed mashed, placed in the air for 10~15 minutes to eat again. The charm of a unique charm of garlic value: the antibacterial effect of garlic in garlic contains anti-inflammatory bactericidal broad-spectrum, garlic juice can in 3 minutes to kill the bacterial culture medium. Effect of allicin on influenza virus, epidemic meningitis and other diseases caused by virus killing microorganisms. Charisma two: composition and body of garlic in the brain can produce vitamin B1 combined with " garlic amine ", the garlic amine can promote and play the role of vitamin B1, enhance carbohydrate oxidation for energy, provide enough energy for the brain cells, so that quick thinking. Charm Value three: prevention of cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, garlic can block the carcinogen – nitrosamine synthesis, inhibit cancer cell growth, cancer cells have a very strong lethality. And it’s another nickname " vascular scavenger " that is, it can reduce blood lipids and blood viscosity, reduce the risk of heart disease, cerebral thrombosis and other diseases. In addition, garlic can also anti-aging, promote hair growth oh.

大蒜百利唯有一害 你肯定不知道大蒜是一种味道辛辣独特的调味料,同时还能强力杀菌和预防多种疾病。不过,大蒜虽好却也不要贪吃。尤其是眼睛和肝脏不好的人。 蒜有百利唯有一害 有谚语说:蒜有百利,唯有一害,伤目。长期过量食用大蒜,会导致眼睛视物模糊不清、视力明显下降、耳鸣、口干舌燥、头重脚轻、记忆力明显下降等。所以,凡事讲究一个“度”。科学家认为,每天吃一瓣生蒜是比较合适的,若是熟蒜吃个两三瓣也就够了。蒜虽小,多吃无益。由于发挥杀菌作用的大蒜素,遇热遇咸会很快失去作用,所以最好不放盐生食。因此,如果想达到最好的保健效果,食用大蒜最好捣碎成泥,在空气中放置10~15分钟再食。 大蒜的独特魅力 魅力值一:消炎杀菌 大蒜中含有的大蒜素具有广谱的抗菌效果,大蒜汁能在3分钟内杀灭培养基内的细菌。大蒜素对流感病毒、流行性脑脊髓膜炎病毒等多致病种微生物都有杀灭作用。 魅力值二:健脑益智 大蒜中的成分和人体内的维生素B1结合能产生"蒜胺",这种蒜胺能促进和发挥维生素B1的作用,增强碳水化合物氧化供能,为大脑细胞提供足够的能量,使思维敏捷。 魅力值三:预防癌症、心脑血管疾病 大蒜能够阻断致癌物质——亚硝胺的合成,抑制癌细胞生长,对癌细胞具有极强的杀伤力。而它的另一个外号"血管清道夫",就是说它能够降低血脂和血液的黏稠度,减少心脏病、脑血栓等疾病的发作危害。另外,大蒜还可以抗衰老,促进毛发增长哦。相关的主题文章: