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"Harry · Potter 8" in October before the listing has started selling counterfeit goods [Abstract] a few days ago, the people’s Literature Publishing House director Wang Qiuling accidentally received a reader’s question, "Harry · Potter 8" is not Chinese version has been published, and claimed to have seen on the internet. Wang Qiuling quickly opened the page to see what surprised her. Reporter Lu Yanxia wonders of pirated publications minimum selling 0.88 yuan a few days ago, the people’s Literature Publishing House director Wang Qiuling accidentally received a reader’s question, "Harry · Potter 8" is not Chinese version has been published, and claimed to have seen on the internet. Wang Qiuling quickly opened the page to see what surprised her. Entering Taobao, Harry ·, Potter and the damned child have been sold in many stores. "Domestic exclusive debut", "Chinese original", "beautifully packaged", "absolutely genuine", "limited number", "placing the order is issued" are all slogans. In Dangdang, Amazon, Jingdong, Tmall and other websites, the Chinese version of the package is sold in advance, with a limited number of mysterious gifts, letters and bookmarks, with a pre sale price of 53.8 yuan. On the Taobao website, there are both regular pre sale books and a large number of illegal publications, some of which are far below the pre-sale price, and the lowest price will definitely let you fall through the glasses. Even 0.88 yuan, there are 8.8 yuan, 15 yuan, 20 yuan, and 30 yuan of super low price. There is also the price of "lion big opening", far higher than 53.8 yuan, such as 66 yuan, 68 yuan, 70 yuan, 78 yuan. The people’s Literature Publishing House has announced the cover photo of the book. From the cover, we can see that the book is translated by Ma Ainong, and the word "people’s Literature Publishing House" has not appeared on the cover. But those illegal publications might seem to be an appearance, screamed "Ma Ainong horses love the new translation," "the people’s Literature Publishing House" is the red bed, the bottom is printed on the book. The books published by the people’s literature press have never had a similar vulgar design. It’s amazing that these illegal publications sell very well. Some shops have sold thousands of copies, and hundreds of them are in the minority. Many readers are excited to leave messages below, and are delighted to get the Chinese version first. They say they can’t wait to see the book as soon as they get the book, because they can’t stand the waiting. Only a few buyers have carefully screened the books and found that the number of pages is poorly printed, some are small, and the other is the next. But there are also people in the industry who believe that some of the readers are probably "gunmen". The genuine truth there is absolutely no exposure in the face of a large number of illegal publications, the official statement issued by the people’s Literature Publishing House, "the various websites and shops on the ground just in the pre-sale, some websites and shops on the ground appeared so-called" spot "is illegal publications, the people’s Literature Publishing House is not the official version, had asked the people’s Literature Publishing House the site immediately stop selling these illegal publications." The statement said it would further investigate the legal responsibilities of these websites and illegal sellers, so as to effectively protect the interests of original authors, translators, publishers and readers. "Our translation has never been revealed. These illegal publications are bought in English original books and organized in translation." Wang Ruiqin, the editor in charge, said that in July 31st, the book was first launched in the UK. The publishers in Beijing published the electronic version to the humanities society in August 1st. That day is just the weekend. "From August 2nd, Ma Ainong began to translate until it was completed in August 22nd." Wang Ruiqin admitted that the translation and editing of the book were very difficult. "In the process of translation, Ma Ainong met with some controversial points and he should consult with us." Because the book has lots of plots that run through the first seven volumes, the editor needs to check with the first few volumes of English. In addition, the magic mantra in the book is also very troublesome, there is a mantra, and whether it is consistent with before, the editor must keep checking. "I only looked at the two pages of the illegal publications and found a lot of translation mistakes." Wang Ruiqin said. "Harry · Potter and the cursed child" are the script, the dialogues, the narration and so on are different from the first seven books. "Do not understand the stage plays do not know the changes in these formats, and some places to change the font to change the font, the aggravated font should be aggravated." Wang Ruiqin said that illegal publications completely follow the font of the first seven copies of the Chinese version of the Chinese society, where there is no change. Wang Ruiqin also revealed that "Harry ·, Potter and the damned child" were hardcover, hard shell and used light paper. Although the book had 360 pages, it was very light in hand. At present, the book is still in the press of the printing plant. "The root of Harry · Potter" into the underground industrial chain for many years, Harry · Potter series of books from piracy in China has developed into an underground industry chain. "In 2005," Harry ·, Potter and Half Blood Prince "Chinese Version (" Harry ·, Potter 6 ") has not yet come out, I saw a book on the small book booth. Reader Zhao Xin said, he later turned up slightly, this book just cry up wine and sell vinegar, is an even piracy is not the network novel. Today, it is surprising that Harry · the Potter series had such a large scale of illegal publications. Intellectual Property Center Chinese Academy of Social Sciences director Li Mingde think, according to the World Trade Organization agreement, all members of the world trade organization, also enjoy national treatment in other countries, according to the provisions Chinese "copyright law", "Harry · Potter and children of the damned" copyright J.K. Rowling and several other authors, British writer can be due to copyright infringement lawsuit. Liang Fei, deputy director of the legal department of China Copyright Protection Center, said: "people’s Literature Publishing House has acquired the right to publish, publish and distribute the book in China. The emergence of these illegal publications means that its proprietary translation rights and publishing rights have been infringed. Li Mingde further explained that according to the anti unfair competition law, the people’s Literature Publishing House could be related to unfair competition from the enterprise name, and Ma Ainong could also be related to unfair competition from his rights. As to whether the taobao.com, some shops on the ground and other trading platforms bear legal responsibility, Liang Fei believes that Harry · great influence Potter announced a series of books and news publishers before the pre-sale listing, and published the cover, trading platforms have a duty of care, once found illegal links, has the obligation to close links in time. Otherwise, the trading platform should bear the corresponding legal responsibility. "The key to this problem, but also depends on the intensity of the related departments, whether the industry organizations can truly unite." The Three Kingdoms of the CEO program said that the regulation of illegal publications in the online bookstores is much easier than that of the ground stores. Liang Fei said that, in view of the emergence of illegal publications, the publishers can complain to the executive authorities on the one hand and complain to the Taobao network and urge them to go down. In addition, before the pre sale, we should send an early warning letter to the trading platform to inform its duty of attention. In fact, people’s Literature Publishing House had been to taobao.com sent a letter urging frame of illegal publications, and to the State Press and Publication Administration of our copyright complaints. But as of yesterday, still can see a large number of counterfeit "Harry · Potter 8" on the Internet. (Beijing daily)

“哈利·波特8”10月才上市 冒牌货已开卖 [摘要] 就在几天前,人民文学出版社发行部主任王秋玲意外接到了读者的发问,“哈利·波特8”中文版是不是已经出版了,并称已在网上看到。王秋玲赶紧打开网页,才看到了让她吃惊的一幕。  本报记者 路艳霞  奇观  盗版出版物最低卖0.88元  就在几天前,人民文学出版社发行部主任王秋玲意外接到了读者的发问,“哈利·波特8”中文版是不是已经出版了,并称已在网上看到。王秋玲赶紧打开网页,才看到了让她吃惊的一幕。  进入淘宝网,《哈利·波特与被诅咒的孩子》已在多家店铺开售,“国内独家首发”“中文原版”“包装精美”“绝对正版”“数量有限”“下单即发”等宣传语满屏皆是。  在当当、亚马逊、京东、天猫等网站,预售包邮中文版,并赠限量神秘礼品+信笺+书签,预售价为53.8元。而在淘宝网上,既有正规预售图书,更有大量非法出版物出售,有的售价远远低于预售价,最低价绝对让你跌破眼镜,竟然只要0.88元,也有8.8元、15元、20元、30多元的超低价。还有的售价“狮子大开口”,远远高于53.8元,如66元、68元、70元、78元的都有。  人民文学出版社此前已公布该书封面照片,从封面可以看出该书由马爱农翻译,封面并未出现“人民文学出版社”字样。但那些非法出版物看起来全是一个模样,赫然写着“马爱农 马爱新”翻译,“人民文学出版社”更是红色铺底,被印在了全书的最下方。纵览人民文学出版社推出的图书,还从未有过类似的俗气设计。  让人不可思议的是,这些非法出版物竟然销量可观,有的店铺已卖出了上千本,几百本的不在少数,而许多读者还兴奋地在下面留言,对于率先拿到中文版感到欢欣鼓舞。他们纷纷表示,一接到书就迫不及待地翻看起来,因为他们再也无法忍受等待的煎熬了。只有很少的买家对图书进行过仔细甄别,发现页数的编码印得不好,有的大有的小,还有的一个上一个下。但也有业内人士认为,那些点赞的读者,或许不少都是“枪手”所为。  实情  正版译文绝对还没有曝光  面对大量非法出版物,人民文学出版社发出正式声明,“现各大网站和地面店只是在进行预售,某些网站和地面店出现的所谓‘现货’均是非法出版物,译文也并非人民文学出版社的官方译文,人民文学出版社已要求这些网站立即停止销售这些非法出版物。”该声明称,将进一步追究这些网站和非法销售者的法律责任,以切实保护原作者、翻译者、出版社和广大读者的利益。  “我们的译文绝对没有透露过,这些非法出版物,是有人买来英文原版书,组织翻译的。”责任编辑王瑞琴说,7月31日这本书在英国全球首发,北京时间8月1日出版方就将电子版发往人文社,那天刚好还是周末。“从8月2日,马爱农开始翻译,直到8月22日完工。”  王瑞琴坦言,这本书的翻译和编辑都很困难,“在翻译过程中,马爱农遇到有争议的地方,要和我们商量。”因这本书有大量穿越到前七册的情节,编辑需要核对和前几册英文是否一样,“事实是,有的地方就是不一样的。”另外,书中的魔法咒语也很麻烦,出现一个咒语,是否和之前一致,编辑都要不断核对。“我只看了那些非法出版物的两个页面,就发现了有不少翻译错误。”王瑞琴说。  《哈利·波特与被诅咒的孩子》是剧本,对话、旁白等格式与前七册都不同。“不懂舞台剧就不知道这些格式的变化,而且有的地方该变字体要变字体,该加重字体的要加重。”王瑞琴说,非法出版物完全沿用人文社中文版前七册的字体,字体该有变化的地方,都没有任何变化。  王瑞琴还透露,《哈利·波特与被诅咒的孩子》精装、硬壳,并采用了轻型纸,全书尽管有360页,但拿在手上却很轻巧。目前,该书还在印刷厂紧张印制中。  根源  “哈利·波特”成地下产业链  多年来,哈利·波特系列图书频遭盗版,在国内已俨然发展成一条地下产业链。“2005年,《哈利·波特与混血王子》中文版(‘哈利·波特6’)还没出之前,我在小书摊上偶然看到一本。”读者赵新新说,他后来稍微翻了翻发现,这本书只是挂羊头卖狗肉,是一部连盗版都算不上的网络小说。  时至今日,哈利·波特系列赫然出现如此大规模的非法出版物,还是令人吃惊。中国社会科学院知识产权中心主任李明德认为,按照世界贸易组织协议,凡是世界贸易组织成员,在其他国家也享有国民待遇,因此根据中国《著作权法》规定,《哈利·波特与被诅咒的孩子》著作权归属J.K.罗琳等几位作者,英国作者完全可以因著作权遭侵权提起诉讼。  中国版权保护中心法律部副主任梁飞说:“人民文学出版社获得了该书在国内出版的专有翻译、出版发行权,这些非法出版物的出现,意味着其专有翻译权、出版发行权遭到了侵权。”对此,李明德进一步解释,根据《反不正当竞争法》,人民文学出版社可以从企业字号遭不正当竞争、译者马爱农也可从自身权利遭不正当竞争,提起相关诉讼。  至于淘宝网、某些地面店等交易平台是否承担法律责任,梁飞认为,哈利·波特系列图书影响很大,出版方之前对外宣布了预售和上市消息,并公布了封面,交易平台就有注意义务,一旦发现非法链接,有义务及时关闭相关链接。否则,交易平台也要承担相应法律责任。  “这个问题的关键,还要看相关部门打击力度是否大,行业组织是否能真正联合起来。”百道网CEO程三国直言,网上书店非法出版物的整治比地面店要容易得多,政府部门加大监管力度就会收到成效。  梁飞说,针对非法出版物的出现,出版方一方面可以向行政机关投诉,并向淘宝网等投诉,敦促其下架。另外,在预售前还应该向交易平台发预警函,告知其注意义务。其实,人民文学出版社此前已给淘宝网发函,敦促下架非法出版物,并将向国家新闻出版广电总局版权司进行投诉。但截至昨天,依然可以看到大量假冒“哈利·波特8”在网上销售。(北京日报)相关的主题文章: