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The 7 day of the province to investigate the illegal traffic of more than 4 large area flight delays the past "eleven" golden week, the modern express reporter from the Jiangsu Provincial Traffic Police Corps was informed that during the long holiday, Hu Rong, high-speed Suzhou section of Wuxi, the Beijing Shanghai high-speed Guangjing Xicheng, long Shenzhen expressway section of Nanjing, Shen Hai Expressway in Suzhou, often Taiwan high speed, Jiangyin bridge, Sutong Bridge Road, due to the larger flow or minor accident prone situation has appeared in other vehicles amble, highway traffic order is generally good, no major traffic accidents have influence and serious traffic congestion. During the national day, more than 1 police officers in the province’s public security traffic police departments are sticking to their posts, making every effort to do emergency support work, and investigating all kinds of key traffic violations 4 000 times. Correspondent Xu Wenfeng Tao Su Jiaoxuan Zu ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express reporter Wang Rui Liu Weijuan 2 million 760 thousand national innovation high flow in a single day on October 1st to 7, the province’s highway traffic daily export volume was 2 million 500 thousand, an increase of 5.25%; the highest volume appeared in October 1st, the province’s highway traffic flow date of export reached 2 million 760 thousand vehicles, an increase of 6.15%, a record peak. In order to cope with the dramatic increase in traffic flow during the national day, the Provincial Public Security Department Traffic Police Corps selected 15 large-scale hub as the mandatory diversion point and 8 ramp toll stations as the flow control points, and studied 3 road traffic control measures. In some sections of the peak period of vehicles amble and queue backlog etc., dispatching center relying on the province’s 23 provincial highway control diversion point, organization and command to take over the on ramp control, alternate release, release, and forced into the echelon control flow, temporary control measures, effective control of local road traffic surge phenomenon, ensure the main highway safety and orderly traffic. According to statistics, during the period of National Day holiday, the Provincial Expressway was organized to carry out 56 times of control diversion, 145 times of flow control and 64 alternately release. With the focus of the illegal traffic of more than 4 to ensure the national high-speed toll free during the good order, Jiangsu police take air ground operation, thorough investigation of illegal occupation of the emergency lane, illegal illegal traffic lane change. In the meantime, more than 4 thousand major traffic violations have been investigated and dealt with, and 7054 of all kinds of traffic violations have been investigated and dealt with on the spot. Local traffic police make full use of video surveillance, flow velocity measurement, interval velocity measurement, portable emergency Lane capture, Lane driveing and other devices. A total of 8985 illegal occupying emergency lanes are captured. During the large volume of traffic, the 8 traffic police departments along the river have sent 92 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to 207 serious traffic violations, such as the illegal occupation of emergency lanes. According to statistics, during the National Day period, there were 8600 kinds of minor traffic accidents in the province’s expressway, and 6500 of them were dealt with at a quick loss point, accounting for 75.5% of the total number.

7天全省查处交通违法4万余起 航班大面积延误   刚刚过去的“十一”黄金周,现代快报记者从江苏省交警总队获悉,长假期间,沪蓉高速苏州、无锡段,京沪高速广靖锡澄段,长深高速南京段,沈海高速苏州段,常台高速,江阴大桥、苏通大桥等路段,因流量较大或轻微事故多发等情况先后出现车多缓行,其他高速公路通行秩序总体良好,未发生有影响的重大交通事故和严重交通拥堵。   国庆期间,全省公安交警部门1万余名警力坚守岗位,全力做好应急保障工作,同时查处各类重点交通违法行为4万余起。   通讯员 苏交轩 祖韬 许文峰   现代快报 ZAKER南京记者   王瑞 刘伟娟   276万单日流量创新高   国庆10月1日至7日,全省高速公路日均出口交通流量为250万辆,同比上升5.25%;最高流量出现在10月1日,全省高速公路当日出口交通流量高达276万辆,同比上升6.15%,创历史峰值。   为科学应对国庆期间剧增的交通流量,省公安厅交警总队提前选定 15个大型枢纽作为强制分流点、8个匝道收费站为流量控制点,研究并确定3种路面车流控制措施。针对高峰时段部分路段出现的车多缓行和排队积压等情况,省高速公路指挥调度中心依托全省23个管制分流点位,组织指挥各地采取匝道控制、交替放行、梯次放行、控制驶入、强制分流、临时管制等措施,有效控制局部路段车流急增现象,确保了主要高速路段安全有序通行。据统计,国庆长假期间,全省高速公路共组织实施管制分流56次、流量控制145次、交替放行64次。   查处重点交通违法4万余起   为保证国庆高速免费通行期间良好秩序,江苏交警采取陆空协同作战方式,严查违法占用应急车道、违法变更车道等交通违法行为。其间,共查处重点交通违法4万余起,其中现场查处各类交通违法7054起。   各地交警充分利用视频监控、流动测速、区间测速、便携式应急车道抓拍、分车道抓拍等设备,共计抓拍违法占用应急车道8985起。大流量期间,沿江8市交警部门先后出动无人机92架次,查处违法占用应急车道等严重交通违法行为207起。   据统计,国庆期间,全省高速公路共发生各类轻微交通事故8600起,其中快处快赔点共处置6500余起,占总数的75.5%。相关的主题文章: