Chongqing deploying and winning the weather protection work of poverty alleviation and hard work — -魔界骑士イングリッド

Chongqing: deployment win battle poverty meteorological work — Environmental Protection — Chinese Meteorological News correspondent Wang Lanlan reported recently, the Chongqing Municipal Meteorological Bureau issued the "Chongqing win battle poverty weather protection action plan (2016 – 2020)", a clear overall goal, and win the battle of poor weather protection eight the main task and organizational security measures. It is reported that in Chongqing 14 state-level poverty-stricken counties, Chongqing Municipal Meteorological Bureau will actively build a township full coverage of meteorological disaster monitoring network and administrative villages full coverage of the early warning system, to carry out clean energy development and utilization, wisdom agriculture, forest fire prevention, development of tourism resources of meteorological services, improve weather modification operation ability, solid job poverty alleviation work, and strive to basically completed in 2020 in poor rural areas and agricultural meteorological disaster prevention system of meteorological service system, to provide a strong guarantee for poverty alleviation weather. To this end, the Chongqing Meteorological Bureau has set up a leading group of the chief of the team leader, and will refine the key tasks and implementation plan, strengthen cooperation with the poverty alleviation, agriculture related and disaster related departments, and enhance experience exchange to ensure the successful completion of the tasks. (Zi Rui, Wang Jing: the early commissioning editor)

重慶:部署打贏脫貧攻堅戰氣象保障工作–環保–人民網   中國氣象報通訊員王蘭蘭報道近日,重慶市氣象侷制定印發《重慶市打贏脫貧攻堅戰氣象保障行動計劃(2016―2020年)》,明確了打贏脫貧攻堅戰氣象保障總體目標、八項主要任務和組織保障措施。   据悉,針對重慶14個國傢級貧困區縣,重慶市氣象侷將積極搆建鄉鎮全覆蓋的氣象災害監測網絡和行政村全覆蓋的預警工作體係,開展清潔能源開發利用、智慧農業、森林防火、旅游資源開發等氣象服務,提升人工影響天氣作業能力,扎實做好定點扶貧工作,力爭到2020年基本建成貧困地區農村氣象災害防御體係和農業氣象服務體係,為脫貧攻堅提供強有力的氣象保障。為此,重慶市氣象侷成立了侷長任組長的領導小組,並將細化重點任務實施方案,強化與扶貧、涉農、涉災部門的合作,加強經驗交流,確保圓滿完成工作任務。 (責編:初梓瑞、王靜)相关的主题文章: