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Wuda demolished teaching building has repeatedly won the "Luban prize" Architecture Award – Sohu news Luban prize in building demolition blasting engineering Wuhan University why short-lived first teaching building, built by the academician He Jingtang personally designed the teaching building, at the beginning of the construction is not in violation of the relevant planning, but after completion has won the "Luban prize award" the construction field. (surging News Network) Luban prize building so short-lived, worthy of reflection. Urban construction should be incorporated into the railway. The plan is to maintain a pressing matter of the moment is rigid, once the plan ", a large demolition and construction of inconstant in policy" phenomenon, should be accountable to the decision makers in accordance with the law, so that they made for their "short-lived" building bill. Wang Changlian driving arbitrary charges governance has deep need pay registration fees in the school, also charge $68 per hour training fee Lianju, a day before the exam, have to pay 240 yuan an hour fee shall be familiar with the examination room, candidates to "pass" in the exam. In about the exam, and the coach give students "outside people" phone, pay a fee can be Paul too". Part of driving test in Xi’an city when charging a multitude of names, many maoni. (the "Beijing Youth Daily") management fees should not only stay in the school, remediation arbitrary charges, but to the size of the driving school, teachers, internal management and so thoroughly to sweep dirt dust. Event overtime culture can not be allowed to break the net recently broke Internet Co encourage employees to work overtime case. A survey said that Internet Co encourage employees to work overtime, and even forcing employees to work overtime has become a routine, stay up late for a long time, labor time is too long, the body has become the status quo of the Internet industry. (Beijing Youth Daily) excessive and disorderly "overtime culture" not only violates the labor law, but also to the health of employees. This disregard for employee health, is at the expense of employees at the expense of the success of commercial interests. The labor supervision department should not sit idly by.相关的主题文章: