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China only 4 female pilots can fly more than 3 generation fighter Asahi department one of the original title: Chengdu girl Yu Xuni name immortalized sky 2014 Zhuhai airshow, the Chengdu Daily reporter Zhang Shibo photography took Yu Xu’s bright and brave to participate in the Malaysia international airshow in March 17, 2015, Yu Xu (after) ready to perform the mission Xinhua News Agency yesterday evening Chinese Air Force official micro-blog news release: November 12th, -10 fighter pilot Yu Xu, killed in flight training. Yu Xu was born in 1986 in Sichuan, Chongzhou, joined the army in September 2005, the air force two pilots, flight captain. Air force spokesman Shen said that the flight is the cause of the brave, to ensure flight safety, is the common pursuit of the world’s air force and good wishes. Yu Xu, the air force pilot, died in the flight training, we lost a good comrade in arms. The air force officers and soldiers to Comrade Yu Xu’s unfortunate sacrifice, deeply regret and condolences. The air force will continue to adhere to strict standards of training, faithfully fulfill their mission responsibility, not the motherland and the people on the air force’s expectations. She is the first China blue wings annihilates -10 female pilots can fly the three generation fighter female pilots, China only 4, Szechuan Yu Xu is one of them. Yu Xu wrote in his diary: "everyone’s youth movement, always leave a moving melody and notes. Female soldiers, female flying cadets, I left in my life is a pen, I look forward to flying on the road can add a few strokes, each as a bookmark, collection in my life every page." She was in Hebei over the last flight, became the last. Yu Xu at the expense of the news, let the people who care about her too be caught off guard. Yesterday, the news suddenly broke out, stationed in Tianjin, Wuqing Yang Village Airport, the Chinese Air Force Bayi flight demonstration team of a plane during the flight of a serious accident, crashed into Hebei County, Yutian province. After the news broke, there are a number of information sources to verify. The air force issued 11 @ @ confirmed last night, -10 fighter pilot Yu Xu, killed in flight training. Yu Xu is the pride of Chengdu, was born in Chongzhou in 1986, 2005 Chinese admitted to the people’s Liberation Army Air Force Aviation University, became the eighth batch of female pilots, in April 2009 to become a pilot beikong. Yu Xu is not only China female fighter pilots, and Chinese first female fighter pilots f -10. In July 29, 2012, master China self-developed three generation fighter first solo flight. In the Bayi aerobatic team, Yu Xu is named the "golden peacock". Hard training, I never seem to really back down in July 25, 2005, including Yu Xu, including 35 girls officially became China’s eighth batch of female pilots. Just go to school, the little girl brought some dolls and accessories, and finally all closed in the storage room, rarely go to touch. Even her own favorite shawl long hair cut short hair, especially reluctant to cut, but since I chose to be a soldier, it should be 7相关的主题文章: