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Strategic industry is not relying on the scale of our country’s strategic industry is basically a modern industry in the developed countries as the goal, to achieve the path of choice to catch up, from reform and opening up to the present basic. The initial stage is achieved by the direct introduction of technical equipment, which is realized through the combination of introduction, digestion and absorption, as well as independent manufacturing. At the present stage and the last stage, the main undertaker of strategic industries are state-owned enterprises or large state-owned enterprises, which have made a positive contribution to China’s development and growth. However, as the gap to catch up with the target of more and more small, depending on the direct introduction of advanced equipment opportunities are also more and more small, then you need to digest more advanced technology, independent manufacturing in the digestion and absorption, and thus can than the original simple introduction of higher grade, truly Industrial upgrading. In the past tied the strategic industries and state-owned enterprises, in line with the protection of industrial policy and concessions, but to a certain stage, the effect is counterproductive. Because of excessive protection and benefits, the state-owned enterprises within the industry over expansion, overcapacity and low efficiency has become the hardest hit, but also a serious drag on the real needs of a new strategic industry investment and development. Rigid system, corruption of the internal control system, the incentive mechanism of unfair treatment, and waste a lot of talent outflow, technology can not be updated, but can not lead to innovation, state-owned enterprises to bear the national development strategy. On the other hand, we have a large number of research institutions and numerous talents, distributed in various industry sectors such as government, Mechanical Science Research Institute, Central Iron and Steel Research Institute, metallurgical automation research and Design Institute, Institute of science, the Ministry of Railways Chinese Chemical Research Institute and so on, their main task is to international advanced technology the goal of the special research. It can be said that most of these research institutions to catch up with the forefront of advanced technology as the basic goal to determine its research and development plans and research content. However, in the research and production, it seems that there is a lack of an effective bridge, the two can be closely integrated, so that scientific research can be quickly transformed into productive forces. Why the emergence of scientific research institutions and production units out of it? The reason is nothing more than two: one is the production companies do not have the enthusiasm to introduce this indirect technical achievement, still need to digest and manufacturing equipment, technology is far less direct and more convenient; two is the scientific research institutions lack the necessary incentive to promote the application of scientific research and development, at the same time, from research to manufacturing application that may be far apart. Therefore, in the research and manufacture, it seems that the lack of this key link, resulting in our industrial upgrading and technological progress is difficult to achieve. This key link, should be completed by the enterprise, whether it is the production of R & D and application departments, or research institutions affiliated enterprises, but our system seems to lack such a mechanism. Each subordinate research institutions to grasp a lot of information and the corresponding results, but front-line researchers hard to enjoy their achievements possible application value, especially from research to application of the chain time longer, due to the institutional restraints, they cannot decide what results as applied to the market. As.相关的主题文章: