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Personnel next month in Beijing car license or the need to provide residence permit – Beijing Beijing Jiajiao hang out at the official website a notice to remind the car personnel to register. Source: page screenshot. Beijing Beijing, September 28, (Qiu Yu) recently, Beijing Jiajiao hang out at the official website notice, remind the non nationals who want to learn a car to sign up, since next month, will not be able to hold a temporary residence permit registration, required to provide a residence permit. Beijing City, a driving school in an emergency notice said, "October 1, 2016 Beijing formal implementation of the residence permit, residence permit cancelled. When foreigners residency in Beijing to learn to drive. Now you can apply for temporary residence permit…… Foreign friends must pay close attention to the registration. Catch the last bus." To this end, the reporter called the number of school counseling, were informed of the temporary residence permits only two days can be used, because the vehicle audit needs two or three days. If the delay to eleven after the holiday, there is no way." But Beijing City Internet Traffic Management Bureau vehicle traffic advisory telephone staff told reporters 28, "temporary residence permits these days can be used, not sure whether you can use after eleven, now has not yet received the relevant notification." In August this year, the Beijing municipal government announced the implementation of the "Interim Regulations on residence permit" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") in Beijing on October 1st. This means that the temporary residence permit will be upgraded to residence permit". What is a residence permit? According to the "measures", "Beijing residence permit" is that Laijingrenyuan living in Beijing, as the resident population access to basic public services and facilities, registered permanent residence through integral application. Data chart. In new network reporter Li Qing photo after the future, can not use the temporary residence permit in Beijing, if foreigners hold a residence permit, you can sign up to learn to drive. The "measures" provisions of the municipal and District People’s government and the relevant departments shall, in accordance with the provisions for the "Beijing residence permit" owners to provide basic public services and facilities "residence permit" Provisional Regulations on the provisions of article thirteenth and article twelfth. The Provisional Regulations of the State Council in December last year issued a residence permit "(January 1, 2016 onwards) thirteenth clearly pointed out that the residence permit holders to enjoy the" motor vehicle registration "and" convenience for motor vehicle driving license in residence. According to the "measures", living in Beijing for more than 6 months, and in accordance with a legitimate and stable employment, stable legal residence, one of the conditions of continuous school personnel in Beijing, may apply for a residence permit. "Approach" also pointed out that from the beginning of the admissibility of the day, 15 days, the applicant will be able to receive the "Beijing residence permit". If you do not meet the conditions, will also be registered by the district public security organs through the acceptance of the application of the police station or district public security organs entrusted Laijingrenyuan community service agencies to inform the applicant in writing and explain the reasons. (end)相关的主题文章: