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X nine Youth League debut won the super size treatment guests expect X nine youth unlimited entertainment Tencent mainland idol bursting with popularity of new forces X nine Youth Conference held in September 28th, fans of the long-awaited, officially announced a combination of teenage debut, the world’s first Showcas "to have the name" also will be wonderful appearance. What’s more, from all sectors of the 9 heavyweight big coffee have VCR offer "recommended gift", Li Yuchun Hsu Chi, head of a total of two X nine Youth Escort blessing, to attract media coverage of collective action. The "little" burning "thoroughly tempered the nine sons of the Dragon born nine X the strength of his youth is the first idol debut 2016 Chinese men’s team, by Zhao Lei, Chen Zexi, Xia Zhiguang, Peng Chuyue, Wu Jiacheng, Gu Jiacheng, Guo Zifan, Xiao Xu Jia Yan war, 9 from" burn children! "Stand out in the crowd of young people, they did not debut before they have a high popularity and fan base. The juvenile group chose the name "X Jiu", the boys said on the one hand because of the "X" represents the unknown and infinite possibility, is "burning youth" inheritance, on the other hand, "Nine" is representative of the folk legend China "old the nine sons of the dragon" meaning. Is the so-called "the nine sons of the dragon, everyone has his hobby", 9 teenagers have their own characteristics and style, respectively have a crazy girl Yan, good singing and dancing, excellent variety, fresh and natural acting etc.. The conference has just appeared, it caused a handsome figure many sister screaming, instantly ignite the heat field. 9 large coffee beans love Qi recommend X nine youth a 9 young handsome appearance, stunning the guests and the media. From different areas of China, Iran, Wu Minxia, He Jiong, Ma Sichun, Su, Hua Chenyu, Jiang Zhiqiang, Zou Mingxuan 9 large coffee is by way of VCR, to all the guests were strongly recommend site 9 X nine corps. A lot of funny comments Zhao Lei presided over China is healing "artificial jukebox" Diving Queen Wu Minxia recommended the summer light "is the heart of the debris flow erosion girl", He Jiong teacher site selling "intimate chatting Doll" Wu Jiacheng, and many more friends is small Zou Mingxuan on Xu Jia Yan brother cute, a second incarnation "many younger brother"… But the big coffee are sent to the X recommended funny at the same time, nine youth issued the same wish: I hope they can in the music on the road farther and farther, flying high, for the fans to spread positive energy. 9 large coffee can obtain pertinent recommendations, the boys said: "only harder to live up to the expectations of senior teachers." The first test combined with new media platform debut new world with high-profile X nine new world first national event discerningly phase platform founder Mr. Zhang Wei, also played a star debut "Internet plus". The conference in the picture, a super energy ready to, finally could not suppress the desire to break out, 9 teenagers such as the explosion of the universe like gorgeous birth. The center of the screen appears a huge two-dimensional code, with the collective audience scan code, Mr. Zhang Wei announced the X nine youth in the new world, the WeChat platform official debut. Subsequently, he is a high-profile that has used 10!相关的主题文章: