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Hongkong Disney is expected to remove Castle news not the plan – Beijing, Beijing, November 13 Xinhua Hongkong "Sing Tao Daily" reported that the Hongkong Disney park opened in 11 years, the United States recently quoted rumors, refers to the Hongkong Disneyland Disney planned to demolish the Sleeping Princess Castle, and in the second phase of the expansion and reconstruction of a new more the big castle. Disney, director of the Hongkong paradise and Commerce and Economic Development Bureau,, no comment on the 12. Sources said that Disney did not plan will be demolished to build a landmark day after, will only continue to beautify the castle facilities. The United States website said last week, there are rumors that the demolition of the Hongkong Disney Castle redevelopment plan. Hongkong industry that the construction of New Castle, such as the increase of recreational facilities, more attractive. Disney, spokesman for the Hongkong Disneyland and the director of the Bureau of Commerce and economic development, said yesterday that he did not comment on the speculation of the report, said on. The source refers to Hongkong Disney without demolishing and reconstructing the Sleeping Beauty Castle conceived, that is the castle park signs, as the other Disney theme park will not remove the castle, "no reason to remove the ancestral hall for the same reason!" It is reported that Disney shareholders in recent years the deteriorating market conditions become cautious, Hongkong Disneyland second expansion irrespective of size and themes are not yet finalized, there will be a new landmark, is not necessarily a castle, "Disney Park Tokyo castle, Tokyo Disney marine landmark is a volcano, are not the same." The message said, such as the redevelopment, logic do not fall within the two phase of the expansion, increase in other recreational facilities will attract more tourists.相关的主题文章: