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New model contest finals ended: Chinese Scarlett Yin Juan won the Tencent entertainment news (Wen Suixi) "Yinchuan" 2016 best · world of the world; New Silk Road through Beijing, Xi’an, Yinchuan three grueling schedule for a period of ten days, in September 3rd in the national AAAA scenic spot, the Yellow River cross city tourism resort in the finals. Participate in the "Yinchuan 2016" best · world 26 countries; New World Model Contest Finals players from three continents, 26 foreign players and 27 China players, a total of 53 people. The contest award winners and five individual awards, the final winner is Yin Juan from Guangzhou, the runner up is Schroeder from Namibia Conshida Angelica, the third is from Fuxin Hou Jing yao. They and 7 players to become the new model contest "best". At the same time, Schroeder Conshida Angelica, Qin Zihan, Ma Rui, Yin Juan, Balogun Stephanie and other 5 people were awarded "the most photogenic Award", "the most vigorous Award", "the media welcomed the award", "best body Award" and "the most expressive" five individual awards. Held in September 3rd this year, the new model will eventually model tournament for the first time in the finals, select landing in known as "noted" said northwest of Ningxia in Yinchuan. The event brings fashion elements and the city to promote the organic combination of western desert people break stereotypes, will enable the western region Chinese beauty beauty and fashion fusion, showing a beautiful picture of nature, fashion and harmonious coexistence of man and history. Not only will the fashion trend to Chinese western hinterland, more is to act in response to the national "The Belt and Road" development strategy. The top of the finals to debut the first show of CLS is the title sponsor of Shandong Ruyi group provides brand cashmere dress. Cashmere is a very precious textile material, enjoy the "soft gold" reputation, from India and Pakistan, three at the junction of the Kashmir plateau 14 micron fine cashmere is very rare, Ruyi wishful spinning technology will be per gram of cashmere spinning up to 500 meters of super fine yarn, forging a silky fabric at the same time. With the competition debut clothing using the four themes, to create a "Silk Road" of perception, a desert background, through a model wearing a dress, dress, elegant elegant background and complement each other, especially in the outer die body, do not have a different from the China wind charm. In addition, competition clothing is also by matching the "custom", such as a swimsuit link, did not use the swimsuit style, but with special custom robes and a swimsuit; high-end custom dress brand NE· TIGER (tiger) special selection of black, red and blue, green, yellow and five from the Qin Dynasty has Chinese fashion color, with embroidery, with thousands of years of history of the Chinese heritage craft handmade dress top. Known as "the fabric of the saint", " broken weft" tapestry weave, it is particularly worth mentioning is known as the "inch of gold brocade, brocade, the Youyao相关的主题文章: