Zhuhai police suspected missing girl’s body was found to be DNA than Sohu news-音羽かなで

Zhuhai police: suspected missing girl was found dead will do DNA than Sohu news 21 morning, Zhuhai police found in the road of the city near the dense grass Mei a suspected missing girl Liu Zhixin’s body, as Zhuhai police official released by micro-blog pictures. Zhuhai police photo Beijing, Zhuhai in September 21,   (Deng Yuanwen Chen Yanru) Zhuhai police on the afternoon of 21 micro-blog official external communications through, said the discovery of a suspected missing girl Liu Zhixin’s body in the road near the dense grass Mei community, the police are stepping up to carry out the investigation. It is reported that in September 17th, living in the town of Zhongshan, Liu Zhixin, 3 year old little girl, led by her grandmother lost in the next year, the town of Tanzhou. 18 am, Zhuhai City Public Security Bureau police station received a public warning after the Xiangzhou district near the primary school will be lost to the grandmother Liu Zhixin fifteenth to the police station. Police through their mobile phone contact with the family, and that Liu Zhixin has disappeared. Zhuhai, Zhongshan police then carry out search operations. Liu Zhixin, a missing girl from Hainan, 20, her mother issued a letter of help through the network, the letter said: "daughter, my baby…… You are a piece of meat from a pregnant mother in October fell on the body of mother, open eyes closed eyes, his head was full of your lost picture!" The letter was among the many Zhuhai, Zhongshan users forwarded. 21 am, police in the city of Zhuhai in the vicinity of the road in the dense grass found a suspected missing little girl Liu Zhixin body. In the afternoon, Zhuhai police released the official micro-blog said: at present, the police are stepping up investigation." It is understood that the discovery of the girl’s body is located in a clearing Zhuhai Xiangzhou District fifteenth primary school near the driving side, there is a light above the ground. It is remote and overgrown with weeds. Police said the preliminary determination is the little girl Liu Zhixin, but also to do more specific DNA.相关的主题文章: