Strength analysis Stankovic Yuezhanyueyong Tottenham – guest flat Borussia home court-索尼a350

Strength analysis: Stankovic Yuezhanyueyong Bing Meader Tottenham Borussia home court against Tottenham VS recommended: 10 Mamy Del promoted the opening performance completely failed to meet expectations, the current record of only 1 wins 2 flat 2 negative. Tottenham have failed to start the race in adverse circumstances brisk performance, but recently has been getting better. But in the first Champions League defeat in the Champions League next week, the team will have to win, may make a reservation for this weekend, a need to beware. Swansea city VS (data) recommended: 0 Swansea new season opener is only from Maboen Lee who is promoted to get 3 points, then 4 and 1 flat 3 negative, the team’s strength is limited. Manchester City in the new season in the league and the Champions League has been proud to take 8 winning streak, the team under the guidance of the new coach Guardiola has obviously improved a grade. This time there was no problem beating Swansea. Arsenal (data) VS Chelsea (data) recommended: 30 Arsenal recent state gradually, the league with 3 wins, but the Champions League away with a German war is still weak reflects the team defense. Chelsea in the draw with Swansea after being Liverpool (data) beat, Huanshuai Blues apparently has not been completely through the running in period. The two teams have a chance to win. VS recommendation: because Gore Borussia two season is 3 Borussia home court win streak, the team in the past few seasons the home court battle force obvious to people. Because Gore started 1 flat and 2 negative, the strength is still quite limited. Although the last round of Bayern played well, but this performance is not the norm, it is difficult to maintain, the fear will be played back to the prototype. Mainz VS "recommended: 30 Mainz open showed quite good attack, but the line is not a small problem. "Start the poor state of two away to lose home court is the last moment reversal against hamburg. Both teams have deficiencies, the game is easy to score.相关的主题文章: