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Su Dongpo: sit cross legged bed a way of keeping good health and diet strictly – Beijing, Wang Zhi Su Dongpo is an important writer of the Song Dynasty, lived for 64 years, the age at that time is very long. In fact, Su Dongpo’s life in a way of keeping good health Zhang an road, the author of "health tactic theory" "health" and asked. Although Su Dongpo’s life road twists and turns, suffered hardships, it is a way of keeping good health after over sixty years, an important reason is still vigorous. Quite a lot of research on the health of Su Dongpo, tea health has its own unique insights, he in the "tea" said: "in addition to tired tired, can not be without tea." In toothpaste, toothbrush has not yet come out of the ancient times, he put forward his own vision to a regimen, tea gargle after eating and said: "every food has, with tea mouthwash, boring can be removed, so the teeth more compact." Su Dongpo used to comb hair fitness, and the "wipe feet" as an important fitness magic. Sooner or later every day he sat on the bed, eyes closed, and massage the soles of the feet, left foot 200 times. Modern scientific research has proven that, often massage foot, have a certain role in the mitigation of many diseases such as anemia, diabetes, impotence, dysmenorrhea and renal dysfunction. Su Dongpo also has strict requirements on their diet, had set himself: "from today the past, but a prince (a meat meal no more than a cup of wine, a meat dish), the real practice of" diet "in a way of keeping good health. "Concept of active", another Su Dongpo strongly advocated the concept of health. In fact, he did the same. He was repeatedly demoted, helpless, but also by falsely imprisonment, killed a few, but is in such a situation, he always keep optimistic mood in exercise. Even in the most frustrated, he also or boating, or unwilling to remain out of the limelight, climbing mountains and monuments, enjoy the scenery, to escape from boredom, to open up a vast world. He is in politics, and love life, and care of civilians. Around the office, make every effort to do good for people, "Su", "Dongpo’s braised pork" is named marked his achievements and for his affection.相关的主题文章: