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Not just a cheap version of the Tiguan KODIAQ Skoda automobile Sohu analysis – Sohu [] in the new car China many car market segments, SUV models can be regarded as a most beautiful, no one wants to miss this market vendors. In the Chinese market Gunpa touch so many years of Volkswagen and Skoda in the domestic field of SUV is the only explosion of the Tiguan and Yeti non mainstream, compared with the car market car sea tactics, in the SUV models is really pitiful. Of course, Volkswagen and Skoda know the weakness of " " so, the launch of the Skoda KODIAQ, the SUV started the fight against the first. Beijing time on September 2nd, Skoda in Germany Berlin world premiere of its first 7 SUV models — KODIAQ. As both Europe and the China market demand to develop new models of KODIAQ, the future will become the Skoda brand in the Chinese market flagship SUV. So, when will the introduction of the Skoda KODIAQ China market? With the new Tiguan with the platform to build KODIAQ is only a new Tiguan " cheap version of " models? KODIAQ after the introduction of domestic Skoda and Volkswagen will be in the SUV market what is the plan? Here we will analyze one by one for you. In addition to the product market – China battles also need a good name now, in addition to Skoda Octavia, sales performance relative to other models in general. But in the domestic hot SUV field, Skoda’s only a Yeti, although its after renamed and re positioning sales has improved, but the monthly sales of more than Taiwan small SUV scores and compared with the price of other, it is difficult to talent shows itself. With the introduction of domestic KODIAQ, means that Skoda will fight domestic SUV market. Compared to the year Yeti was introduced in the development of KODIAQ The climate does not suit one., Skoda, differentiated layout not only takes into account the European market 7 models with the new Tiguan, but also pay more attention to the actual needs of the market China. More differentiated and other advantages, will let Skoda KODIAQ play and a new generation of domestic Tiguan different roles. Of course, in addition to a more in line with the name of the Chinese consumer aesthetic is also very important. Who remembers Yeti’s Chinese name? In addition to the seven – seat Skoda KODIAQ and more highlights as the first 7 SUV, we believe that for KODIAQ the most attention are third rows of seats, but this time Skoda may give us more surprises. With the latest new Tiguan same MQB platform to build KODIAQ based on not only has a comparable Highlander wheelbase, and a new design idea of the family also make it more atmosphere and meet the aesthetic point of view China consumers. And including a new generation of vehicle interconnect systems and the latest driver assistance systems, such as the application of a new generation of technology, will also be applied on the KODIAQ.                 相关的主题文章: