R & F coach appeared Hengda stand fans have asked for autographs (Figure) (video)-音羽かなで

Decimating coach Hengda fans in the stands have appeared for a signature (map) [] after their coach Yatai players play the distraction not to excuse Tencent in Guangzhou in September 18th (the sports Guangzhou Hengda and Zeng Xiao) Liaoning Hongyun game triggered at any moment in Tianhe Sports Center, stands, appeared a special guest, raised around Guangzhou the fans in hot pursuit. The guests, is Guangzhou R & F coach, Stojkovic. R & F boss investigation Hengda Stojkovic to the scene to investigate opponents are expected. 21, Guangzhou R & F will be in the home court against Guangzhou Evergrande, the Derby of great significance without them: both places for the FA Cup final, and final set of four steps of the Guangzhou derby. In other words, in 2016 who is Yangcheng boss, all the next Wednesday showdown. Unexpectedly, the scene a lot in Hengda Jersey audience, see Stojkovic did not represent blue bodied "enemies meet exceptionally jealous, but have stepped forward to request Stowe signature photo. One is friendly to meet the requirements of stowe. The R & F, the top four hopes gradually reduced, so rely on two hands away goals only for next year AFC Champions League qualification method is almost in the FA Cup clash Evergrande, don’t know tonight at the Tianhe stadium bleachers, Stojkovic can figure out countermeasures against the enemy.相关的主题文章: