Loudi, a man drunk driving accident on the high-speed car has two children (video)-helmet怎么读

Loudi, a man drunk driving on the high-speed two car accident children original title: Loudi a man drunk driving speed, the car also took two baby, the result….. Checked so many drunk driving offenses, the first time we met so reckless! The owner from Loudi, he had not completely drunken said, even with two baby home drive on the highway! Finally, there was an accident, you so pit baby, the child his mother know? At 17:59 on November 7th, the high police detachment Loudi Lengshuijiang brigade duty room received the alarm, saying there was a car hit the central fence. Police immediately out of the police, the Lou Huai speed West to East 64 kilometers, to see a grade of modern white Xiang KAY027 car parked in the fast lane, open the double flash, the vehicle after the collision of debris on the road, the emergency Lane beside the station, a adults, two children. The police immediately came to understand the situation, found that the man who has red eyes, strong taste, suspected of drunk driving. After the alcohol breath test, the two test results were 124mg 100ml, 131mg 100ml. Then the police in accordance with the law to take it to the hospital for blood fixing evidence and identification, identification results for the driver Lee every 100 ml of blood alcohol content of 153.76 mg, belong to drunk driving! The police will be Lee back to headquarters for alcohol testing incarnation police "nanny" to take care of two children in the car Lee on the identification results without objection. Currently, the case is being further processed, waiting for Lee will be punished by the law. Bask in drunk driving seven illegal cost [legal]: cost of drinking and driving a motor vehicle driving license suspended for 6 months +1000 yuan fine of 2000 yuan and a record of 12 points penalty of drunk driving after drunk driving again: 10 days detention +1000 yuan fine of 2000 yuan + driving license revoked drunk driving serious traffic the accident constitutes a crime shall be prosecuted for criminal responsibility: + + driving license revoked a lifetime ban on driving drunk driving motor vehicle operation: the 15 day detention fined +5000 + +5 revoke the driving license years may not re obtain a driver’s license for drunk driving: to sober restraint + +5 revoke the driving license years may not re obtain a driver’s license and shall be prosecuted for criminal responsibility in China the criminal punishment of illegal acts of drunk driving, drunk driving, will violate the "criminal law", in accordance with the conviction of the crime of dangerous driving ", in 1 to 6 months detention and fined. [credit costs] criminal record with life, lawyers, doctors will be revoked license. According to the provisions of the "People’s Republic of China law" and other relevant laws, if jailed for drunk driving, driving license will be revoked, lawyers, certified public accountants, physicians, stock exchange is responsible for registration or qualification will be affected to varying degrees, the relevant license will be revoked. In July 1st this year, party and national staff of drunk driving, driving without a license, clone car and other illegal activities, in addition to traffic regulations by penalties, will also be notified to the discipline inspection and supervision organs, subject to disciplinary investigation. [] if you are the economic costs of state cadres, civil servants, public and sentenced for crimes, but to "double" of the party. If it is not a public officer, you will be sentenced for drunk driving相关的主题文章: