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China letter insured cumulative underwriting amount of $2 trillion and 700 billion Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! (original title: 2016 "country risk analysis report" and "global investment risk analysis report" issued China credit insurance underwriting a total amount of $2 trillion and 700 billion in 2016) "country risk analysis report" and "global investment risk analysis report" released, China credit insurance underwriting a total amount of $2 trillion and 700 billion. Today, China Export and Credit Insurance Corp (hereinafter referred to as "China Paul") held the "2016" country risk analysis report "and" global investment risk analysis report "conference and national risk management forum" in Beijing, released the world’s 192 sovereign countries reference country risk rating and sovereign credit risk rating and rating report, 8 regions, 38 countries and 11 industries and key enterprises of overseas investment Chinese involved as well as the government default risk and non traditional security risk of the two types of investment risk and put forward risk control suggestions. From 2016 the country risk rating reference point of view, the country risk level drops and upgrades to 15 countries, including the reason of rating adjustments in some European countries gradually get rid of the debt crisis, Latin American countries and international creditors have reached a restructuring agreement, Iran, Cuba, as western countries improve relations etc.. Country risk level rises and the rating of 13 countries, including the reasons affecting the rating adjustment international oil prices remain low in oil exporting countries increasingly extreme weather makes part of the small and medium-sized countries suffer losses due to natural disasters etc.. This year, China ECIC released the first sovereign credit rating, significant sovereign credit risk level countries (grade CC, C grade two level) 28, where sovereign debt burden is heavy, debt pressure is relatively large, relatively poor sovereign debt sustainability, ability to withstand external shocks co.. Chinese ECIC chairman Wang Yi said at the meeting, China’s enterprises "going out" faces many risks, investment in the country’s political and commercial risks, fierce competition in the international market, foreign exchange rate fluctuations, to enterprises "sea" brings uncertainty. The Chinese enterprises must understand the depth of the target country and market situation, pay more attention to risk prevention, and constantly improve the ability of security interests overseas, this requires the innovation and development of the enterprise itself, as a positive, also need the support of financial institutions, need more policy co-ordination, the guidance of the government. From the international experience, the export credit insurance is an important financial tool to promote foreign trade and investment, can provide a receipt risk protection and financing support for enterprises to open up overseas markets, the government has small investment, big leveraging effect and policy effect obviously and other unique advantages, is conducive to compensate for market failure caused by lack of supply, help to enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises, is conducive to promoting exports, promote investment and employment. Wang Yi pointed out, was founded 15 years ago, Chinese SINOSURE actively implement the national "steady growth of foreign trade," measures "and The Belt and Road" and so on相关的主题文章: